hawaii: computer trouble in paradise

we’ve traveled a lot in our eight years together sometimes to very strange and remote places but this has been a very frustrating trip. the captain of our plane on landing in Kona Hawaii said ‘welcome to paradise’ and i am all for that. but it has been a different story for me. not that this island is lovely, we’ve been running around seeing the sights; white sands beach, green turtles, black sands beach, volcano, VOG a form of smog created by volcano, sunsets, sea urchins, little fishies, big fishies of the humpback whale family,  mountains green and brown, sharp lava rock, sunset above the clouds etc. it’s all here.

but we travel with a Macbook computer and on arrival the wireless network went down where we are staying, no big deal just took a day or so to change router and get back up to speed. but the computer on startup gave me the dreaded  folder with a question mark. oh, zap the pram, which took me a hour or so to remember the keys to press, not something i need to do everyday.

but that was just the start of computer problems, i can’t burn disks, toast is toasted gives me error messages downloading from cards. mary has the same problems from her cards. we’ve tried all kinds of work around’s, drag and drop to folders on desktop but the same problem. i’ve repaired permissions, thrown away preferences, run Onyx to clear caches but still can’t fix the problem. when we get back i can run disk warrior or just do a clean system install. this has caused me to loose sleep laying in bed think of a solution.

the only thing that has changed on computer is adding fuji software for mary’s underwater point and shoot called ‘Finepix viewer’ now in this day and age i can’t imagine software conflicts like i had under system 7. but maybe. mary’s been having a good time playing with the camera see Flights of Fancy  finding nemo. but we haven’t been posting pictures anywhere. gees

my G12 has developed a black spot on my pictures,tried to clean the front of lens not sure if it’s on the back lens so it’s off to canon again after they replaced my led screen because of burned pixel for free. but the camera is too small for my clumsy hands. i’ll sell it somewhere.

well today we go to a Luau, the last thing on our list and it’s Valentines Day so that should be cool. speaking of cool, it’s cold and rainy back home winter will welcome us getting off the plane. it doesn’t seem real as the weather here is so nice but weather changes. at least we have our love to keep us warm.

but all & all this has been a wonderful trip well worth the 18 hours getting here. life is what you make it, don’t let it get you down bunky, just grin and enjoy every moment for that is all we have.



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