Color it Red, photo contest winners, ‘ Woman in Red ‘ woos them again

well after i posted my computer problems i received this email from Timothy Anderson who runs Red Dog News, a photography e-mail news letter notifying me that i won a prize in his contest ‘Color it Red’ i haven’t been doing much in the way of publicizing my work last year, sort of contest burn out. but when we get back to the frozen chosen NYC we are putting together a show in Lancaster Pa for this summer.

To all who receive this email, congratulations! You are all going to be in the Gallery Show at
Please click here to see where you finished, as well as the prize you will be receiving. I just want each and every one of you to know, the judging was extremely close, and I had to utilize several tie-breakers to reach the final results. You should all be VERY proud.
The results will be announced in this Friday’s Red Dog News. I will be pleased to look over their physical addresses for places 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10.
Please look over the results for misspellings, etc., and let me know if thee are any corrections.
Thank you so much for being a part of this contest.
not a bad bunch of togs to be involved with. i am always interested in what other people create. thank you judges.
so here is the link to winning pages of winners but i’ll post the list and sponsors below

Color It Red (the votes are in!)
Click here to see the gallery…

After sorting through 296 images from 62 photographers, it still took a tie-breaker to determine the first through fourth placings in the 2012 Red Dog News, Color It Red photography contest. Thank you to all the entrants.
In order of finish (with prizes listed) here are the winners:
1. Fran Matthews, Red Magnolia, Epson R2880 photo printer
2. Bobbie Goodrich, Tango Argentina, Think Tank Airport Airstream
3. Jim Shirey, Close Friends, Lensbaby Composer Lens
4. Lisa Collard, Untitled #18, Silverfast Ai Scanning Software
5. Jerry Downs, Oriental Poppies, Nik Color Efex Pro 4
6. Cathy Panebianco, Hunter, Photoshelter six-month membership
7. Susan Graham, Dance With the Flowers, Red River Paper $100 Gift Certificate
8. Jene Youtt, Woman in Red, O’Reilly Books, $100 Gift Certificate
9. Stephanie Houston, Study in Red #2, Think Tank Camera Strap
10. Kimber Wallwork-Heineman, Serendipity, Think Tank Camera Strap

Honorable Mention, with inclusion in the Red Dog News, Color It Red Gallery Exhibition:
Marti Belcher, Young Monk Novice
Marguerite Garth (3), The Forsaken #15, The Forsaken #14, The Forsaken #24
Lia Moldovan, Airborne
David Wiley, Butterfly Love
Lon Bixby, Misty Red
Elsa d’Ellis (2), Cactus Moon, Hummingbird’s View
Susan Graham, Baby Boomer Red
Eva Lewarne, Night Reader
Cynthia Walpole, Magenta-Throated Woodstar #5439
Stephanie Houston, Study in Red #3
Jim McDonough, Buoys in Red
Cathy Panebianco, Bird Dog

Thank you to the sponsors for their kind donations for Color It Red 2012!  

Epson-Exceed Your Vision  Camera Bags & Accessories  Since 1997

Lensbaby Camera Lenses    


jene youtt


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One Response to “Color it Red, photo contest winners, ‘ Woman in Red ‘ woos them again”

  1. Tim Anderson Says:

    Thanks for the pingback, Jene, and congratulations!

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