do we know who brings us the news? reporters & photographers die

i’ve been thinking these days about journalist/photographers in the news. about their untimely deaths just doing their jobs. how often have i/we looked at a picture online or in a newspaper words and thought nothing of the people who wrote it.

it’s just a picture taken far far away in another land that could be in another world. but it’s taken by someone who we never think of. do we even look at their byline?

so much of our daily lives are lived, sort of in this haze we call living, us in our zombie states of sleep we call awake. never really feeling life except for maybe an odd buzzing in our ear which we can easily ignore. that doesn’t mean when we lose something or someone it’s any less of a loose because it doesn’t touch us, nor grabs our arm and turns us towards the loss.

it’s a loss in the FORCE as George Lucus wrote in Star Wars, but we all know it by another name or a nameless name. something so personal that is unmentionable but yet there all the time. do we turn towards our own illusions of our immortality afraid to think about our constant companion of death.

all of life is impermanent as is our art and photographs. we live on through others remembrances. although at death our atoms are spread across the universe mixing with everything else in the soup of life we are only a memory somewhere. life is so fragile like a flower easily crushed or cherished.

i’ve never been in a life treating situation through my work so i can’t image people doing this every day. i’ve met news photographers both male and female who work for newspapers and magazines covering hot spots around the globe thinking nothing of it. at least i am never asked to share those thoughts of danger.

i’ve read in PDN where togs have begun using iphones and other consumer devices to capture world events to forward to their respective employers just so they don’t stand out from a crowd. i can’t imagine lugging around my 5D Mll through an artillery barrage in the streets somewhere, dodging bullets and shrapnel. guess that’s why the leica was so popular back then but times change, people are slower.

this is really about the people, words and pictures, they come from somewhere before they are served to us over eggs over easy. i don’t want to forget their efforts nor the people who support them the drivers and interpreters. yesterday i read where the driver who drove then journalist in libya was killed for being with them.

how cruel the people of the world are, what a waste of life being spread across the streets, alleys and hillsides of this earth enriching no one or only one. coming back from hawaii learning of a battle to unite the islands under Kamehameha 1, 800 men lost their lives either in fighting or being thrown off a cliff. what a waste of life was the first thought in my head.

why are men so cruel to each other?

i think how silly my work is in comparison to news gathers yet it does serve a purpose, if only for the lonely men looking for nude photos of young women. i hope i am able to catch the beauty i see before me, capture the emotion of the dance , power of nature around us and our frailty.

we need  art in the world to remind us of our humanity which seems so easy to forget,especially in hard times. where has reason gone? who’s blood will run across discarded cigarette butts in the gutter today? where are the men in suits to stop this carnage? there are way too many guns in this world in way too many uncontrollable people’s hands.

let us not forget the people who kill and those victims they kill for both need our love and understanding.


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One Response to “do we know who brings us the news? reporters & photographers die”

  1. maryduranteyoutt Says:

    I was on the bus going home, when a young man started a conversation about religion, finding and understanding god. I have no problem with anyone’s god, I have a problem with using religion as a weapon over others. How many wars have and are still raging over one religion vs. another. Does anyone’s god think killing is ok? If so, that is not a religion I would ever follow. Maybe that’s why I believe more in a god or almighty being and not necessarily the lore that was past on and changed to suit the needs of the humans in charge. I understand the need for community and unity (aka organized religion) but when it becomes it’s own entity, something has gone awry. IMO. Life is already too short, wars gain little – who cares how much of an empire you now reign over, when blood had to be shed to achieve all your riches. And I don’t believe you can travel to the heavens when you are weighed down by your gold.
    Sorry didn’t mean to spew… I am pained when I hear of all the needless waste of human lives.

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