Emmanuel Fremin Gallery at Scope 2012

last night we visited Scope as part of Armory week and visited with Emmanuel Fremin who has a wonderful exhibit in his space. what attracted me the most, well i think of myself as a photographer, was his new association with Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre ” The Ruins of Detroit ” book and C prints. a gotta see, the prints are beautiful.

not to take anything away from the lovely oversized book which i’d love to have on my coffee table or bookshelves. this photographic essay of Detroit and it’s architectural fall from grace due to economic shenanigans is a serious comment on our lives and time. i remember the tragic  loss of New York’s  Pennsylvania Station to developers but this study of an American city Detroit which i first became aware of  in Time magazines coverage.

Time Cover

but the real tragedy is conveyed by the pictures which begin with the Michigan Central train Station.

and you could say ends in a ballroom full with ghost of many memories

do stop by and see the prints and book, but wait there’s more also sculptures by Ted Lawson who works in salt, hard marble and other mediums


That’s right there is still more from another artist working in unique and different mediums Fernando Mastrangelo

This too shall pass ( virgin mary )

made from Gunpowder, 13 rosaries, MDF, hemp, and automotive paint. while another piece in the show is made from

La Salva Mara ( santa muete )

Cremated human ash

the artist creates his work through a variety of materials, including sugar, coffee, corn, gunpowder, human cremated ash, and other controversial materials, Mastrangelo’s large scale sculptures often address social, cultural, and political issues relevant to the contemporary experience.most of the projects function as sculptural tableaus, and combine content, form and materials as a conceptual strategy.

this show along with his chelsea gallery and the selection of artist is one of the reasons i find emmanuel’s choices so interesting. i never know who or what i’ll find at his openings. so stop by Scope this weekend and say hello to this charming fellow.

Emmanuel Fremin

say Fuzzy sent you.

jene youtt


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