Cabin fever how i am recovering from surgery or WTF is going on

is going on in my life? it’s gotten turned around a bit here so what do i do just go with the flow. i am not sure if i’ll gain some readers or loose them with this post. just know i am playing around here and haven’t lost my mind, wait i’d better check.

this might be the place to warn people that i am posting pictures of erotic material some found around the house some not. i don’t want to offend anybody and since most people follow links to the naked photos here this might be a safe subject. i just wont put it on farcebook. what a useless use of bandwidth that is, i never saw a need for it myself.

my web host, Photoshelter has decided to upgrade their software and servers. here we go again. they do this on the weekends i guess so nobody can bother them when things don’t work right, right now i am waiting to get through to friendly customer support myself. last fri i downloaded some Cambodian images been sitting here for years with the purpose to finally finish setting up the site to sell prints of my stuff. lots of redownloading for me. but hey i’ve got time on my hands right?

but i’ve been feeling disconnected from my honey as she is also. so i started looking around for something to shoot opening drawers and closets when i got the idea of doing some erotica and using found objects.

let things fall where they may

no these aren’t mine, a bit small for me but i might look cute in them if they were. so one thing leads to another and eroticism is all in the eyes of the beholder. objects are just as suggestive as the wearer although i do like to see these on my honey just seeing them alone brings up fond memories.

danger will robinson

now i am having fun and being creative in the privacy of our own apartment. i am not quite following the rule of thirds here but i do like the drape out of frame along with the detail of lace but i may try and rework this.


looking at this picture now i never saw the composition of the white bottom sheet. but hey my subconscious mind at work is more intuned to what i am doing than i am. cool but after awhile i start to run out of ideas


and this being new york where just about anything is available greenwich village is a quick subway ride away and time for some fresh air as i began to¬†hyperventilate handling these delicate things i go for a ride. i’ve money burning a hole in my pocket along with all these thoughts running around. wee

sleep aids

hey that’s what the store clerk called them, what do i know? guess some could say i’ve way too much time and money on my hands and a very active imagination but even the angels have a dark side to them and i am way too old to die before i taste the fruits of life.

so it is another week of recovery from surgery while still being my crazy self. maybe these pictures are some that not needed to be taken. i am just getting to be too old to worry about that, at my age being sexual and erotic is a pleasure. and sharing my pleasure with my honey and her with me is something to look forward to every day. i’ve always thought of sex as play and something playfully done. procreate yea i did that but probably while we were playing. i love to play with my honey as we really enjoy giving to each other. what a better way to eat cake than with a friend.

sometimes i get a bit carried away but i chalk that up to my creativity which is alway pushing the boundaries and say ‘lets see’. boy has that gotten me in trouble sometimes.

i don’t want to live my life in a dark cave not being able to explore the wonderful world around us, i want to share that world with everyone. i don’t need you to agree with me just let me and everyone else live their lives without hurting anyone.

that’s what i have to say today……………………where the heck is tech support?


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