Yesterdays work, more like my daily blunders

like calvin, of calvin and hobbs who thinks about sledding down hill that his brain is trying to…….. well that is the way i think at times. maybe if i do this then that will happen or that. i just never really know, well do we ever? someday all this will be over or it will continue without me.

i remember my first time as a photographer. our family had a classic Kodak Brownie 2a box camera, i don’t remember my age but i was younger than today i took the camera out into the backyard along with Ginger our golden cocker spaniel for a photo session. Ginger ran around opposite me and i pushed the shutter. we had a great time, i must have been copying something i’d seem somewhere. ‘thomas’ the character from blow up would have been proud of me.

except for one thing i overlooked, advance the film. thank goodness for digital photography, but like all technical things it does have it’s rules and while some think everything can be fixed in photoshop i am here to say not really. the idea i started out wanting to do was photograph a woman in a tight black dress against a white background. that i did

Diletta Carutti in a little black dress

so here is a beginning, a  nice italian dress draped on Diletta Carutti the model, an acquaintance of ours who’s working for Art Strong bags and emmanuel fremin galley.

mary when out and bought some cute cheap hats at tjmax for the shoot, i’ve yet to edit them yet way too many images and it’s overwhelming, like editing wedding images.

i am beta testing photoshop 6 which has some very powerful upgrades but my ‘puter switches back and forth between PS4 & 6 so it keeps me on my toes and i was tired last night. i don’t usually edit images right after a shoot, i let them develop on their own.

the dress is great like most of italian things, never had a bad meal in italy maybe they exist but food, wine and coffee seem to be a religion over there.

people live differently in europe. europeans dress up to go out for a cappuccino at the local cafe. not like here in new york where sweat pants and t- shirts are the norm.

and the shoes, i’ve two pair of italian shoes that make me feel like a king.

but today i’ll dwell on my mistakes which i’ve fixed somewhat with style and photoshop. i read a query last night from someone wanting terry richardson type of images. he’s a very trendy type of paparazzi photographer being in more of his pictures than not. reminds me of wee gee i’ve written about here. my question is why? the snapshots are just that, snapshots.ugh

black hat blond hair

great hat although we didn’t get a chance to use the other one as this worked out fine. for not being a model Diletta worked out pretty cool very playful.

seems she’s had years of dance training soooo you’ll see more of her in my dance portfolio.

a few adjustments were needed here on the back of the hat needed brightning while the dress needed to come down, it waas a dark blue and i wanted black.

maybe a little flesh tone tweaks and cropping.

but the day wore on and i was getting stupid, well more than usual. so i moved her around closer to the beauty dish and not even thinking snapped away just like my first session wit ginger.

at least this camera was smarter than i a moved forward every time but didn’t adjust for the lighting changes as that was my job. duh

oh well thank goodness it’s not a wedding so a do over is possible until i learn my lesson.


but she’s wearing a bracelet………… where is the stylist when you need one, oh we don’t have…… one that’s my job also

now it gets interesting and the painter in me comes out.

the look

don’t worry it gets worst, that is unless you like this type of image

what was i thinking, it couldn’t be about what’s for lunch

so this is todays work. i remember a fellow down south having a conversation with one of our actors that they both seemed to enjoy until the fellow ask what the actor did for a living?’ i am an actor’ was the reply.  the fellow paused and took a good long look at the actor and said ‘that don’t seem something a grown man would do for a living’.

well that could be said about me i guess. WORK is that what they call it?

jene youtt


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2 Responses to “Yesterdays work, more like my daily blunders”

  1. maryduranteyoutt Says:

    Looks like you had a fun day… the photography part but the editing or post editing. I like the images. Love the hat

  2. tattlestalesnthings Says:

    I love the ending of this entry. 🙂 HA! “Working” just for the sake of making a living is so dull… xoxox!

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