Rembrandt self-portrait from Kenwood House now on view in NYC at The MET

NEW YORK, NY.- Kenwood House, the London museum that holds the art collection known as the Iveagh Bequest, is closed for renovations until fall 2013. By special arrangement, Rembrandt’s Portrait of the Artist (ca. 1665), which has never before traveled outside Europe, is on loan to The Metropolitan Museum of Art through May 20, 2012. This great canvas now hangs next to the Metropolitan Museum’s own Self-Portrait by Rembrandt of 1660, providing a rare opportunity to compare the two works which, although close in date, are utterly different in scale, format, and expression. Both were painted during a period of economic difficulties for the artist. The loan is also an occasion for the Museum to bring together in one gallery the late Rembrandts from the collection, including Aristotle with a Bust of Homer (1653), Hendricke Stoffels (mid-1650s), The Standard Bearer (1654), and Woman with a Pink (ca. 1660-64).

as some of you know i am a big fan of Rembrandt along with Caravaggio whom cindy sherman parodied his painting of Bacchus whom he parodied a number of times

caravaggio-sick-bacchus, self portrait

then again with

caravaggio bacchas, young italian boy

i do love painting which inspires my photography, well off to the met to see naked before the camera and Rembrandt, not a bad days plan. maybe we can go to the opening of Lillian Bassmans exhibit tonight at Stanley Wise Gallery.

About Lillian Bassman

Lillian Bassman was born in 1917 into an immigrant family of free-thinking intellectuals, and was brought up with a mindset that allowed her to live as an independent and unconventional woman.She worked as a textile designer and fashion illustrator before working at Harper’s Bazaar with Alexey Brodovitch, and ultimately becoming a photographer. Bassman’s fashion images are unique, and acheieve their effect through manipulation in the dark room. Appearing in Harper’s Bazaar from the 1940’s to the 1960’s, her work was categorized by their elegance and grace.Bassman had transformed these photographs into original works of art through her darkroom techniques in which she blurs and bleaches the images, investing them with poetry, mystery, and glamour.
take care: jene


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