Want to create an event/exhibit for thousands of people to participate in?

want to build a machine or just exhibit your ability to, maybe just help others to create? no you don ‘t have to be under 30 to participate all though sometimes it looks it. they need people to put these events on and that’s where you come in.


Our friends over at Winkel & Balktick are looking for creative energies and artistic sensibilties to participate in this years Winkel & Balktick Laboratory, a series of concerts, parties and other happenings at a vast former pharmaceutical factory in North Brooklyn. Do you have an imaginative vision for a scientifically (or laboratory, technology, etc.) themed installation, sculpture, performance or multi-media, interactive environment? If this peaks your interest, find out more on how you can participate/join the experiment at Winkel and Balktick, go to their first open meeting on Monday 5/7 or see below:

Exhibition & event dates: June 20 – 23, 2012
Deadline for funded projects: Thursday, May 31, but sooner is better. “The early bird catches the worm.”
Open meetings & socials: Mon 5/7, Thu 5/24, Tue 6/12, 7:30pm-10:30pm in Dumbo. RSVP to info@wandbnyc.com to attend. Free food and drink will be provided
This document lives at: wandbnyc.com/labcall
Winkel & Balktick Website: wandbnyc.com
Quick submission form: wandbnyc.com/labsubmission
Questions about projects and art: projects@wandbnyc.com
Questions for executive management: info@wandbnyc.com
Photos from previous events: wandbnyc.com/photosABSTRACT
From Wednesday June 20 – Saturday, June 23, Winkel & Balktick are presenting Laboratory, a series of concerts, parties and other happenings at a vast former pharmaceutical factory in north Brooklyn. Several thousand guests are expected over the week. We are seeking creative and artistic priorities.
Please see these photos that help illustrate what our events are like.WHAT KINDS OF EXPERIMENTS ARE YOU CONDUCTING?
We are seeking installation & sculpture, media, video & light art, large sculpture, performance & interactive environments. We are very open minded about your project’s format, so as long as it is thematically relevant. All projects should fit within the theme of science, laboratories, technology, etc. Yes, we have a budget. (More details about that later.) The venue has about 18,000 square of open space and an additional 20 small (100 – 250 sq ft.) rooms. The open spaces are raw, clean and concrete. The small rooms are mostly empty, windowless and clinical. Ceiling heights range from 11’ – 14’. Most projects will be placed in their own small rooms. Note that the open spaces will often be in use for concerts, dancefloors, etc. If you’d like your work to be placed in the open spaces, it should play nicely with crowds and music.

Glad to hear it!  Please read this entire document and follow the instructions in the SUBMISSION PROCESS section.  You’ll need to tell us about yourself, describe and illustrate your idea, compile a materials list, budget, and plan of action. Feel free to check in with us before making a submission to make sure your proposal is appropriate.I HAVE LOTS OF QUESTIONS! HOW CAN I GET THEM ANSWERED!
Please send project-related inquiries to projects@wandbnyc.com.
If you’d like to help out, but don’t have a project to contribute, please write to volunteer@wandbnyc.com.
If you’d like to reach the chief scientists, you may write to Winkel & Balktick at info@wandbnyc.com.HOW CAN I MEET YOU AND ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS IN PERSON?
Attend one of our participation meetings & socials on 5/10, 5/30 or 6/15 in Dumbo from 7:30pm – 10:30pm. RSVP to info@wandbnyc.com with the dates you’d like to attend. Free food, drink and good company is provided.

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