We Are Participating in Cinco de mayo weekend ArtWalk in Lancaster, PA

where did my brain go this weekend, oh i lost it last night doing ‘Googles Utube Brandcast‘ at the Beacon theater. quite a technical presentation  as google people told audience members how to get the most of google, utube and brand association along with integration. woo hoo……………….lots of video wall images, spiffy stuff but no jetsons. this is the future, for whom the bells toll, you and me.

today arbitron.com contacted me as they are doing a radio and television survey but i was too old to participate, oh well i might as well just disappear……..  but wait……..  i can’t because mary and i will be participating in an  ArtWalk  in Lancaster PA. and the motel room is already paid for. prints are hanging and Annex 24 is expecting us to be there.

to get in the mood for writing i am listing to All That Jazz soundtrack where everything old is new again. i loved that movie but i work in theater a crazy place to earn a living. i really related to Joe Gideon as i knew people like him. what a life, what a death.

mary is excited as she always is going to these events but i am a bit more laid back, not that i don’t interact with people because i love to talk to people about anything and find conversation interesting in it’s self. as we were dropping off our pictures we met a man from Cape Town just passing through town from washington  dc traveling across america. so you never know what or whom you will meet by being open.

mary is bringing  her triptych

retrograd, shedding, cathexsis

since we dropped off more images than able to show for this artwalk because our work will be on exhibit for this summer and the Annex 42 wanted  pictures to replace any sold we brought a few extra. the gallery has a warehouse which is open to the public we thought why not.? saves us a trip down to deliver more.

objects of interest

Mary and I are excited in this summer long exhibit starting with First Friday’s Art Walk in Lancaster, PA.  Click here for a link to the galleries participating.   And what’s not better than strolling in and out of galleries and relaxing in local cafes.  We’ll be at Annex 24 Gallery, 24 West Walnut Street.  I do hope you can make it there, it’s sure to be fun from 5 – 9 pm.   When we dropped off our art last Friday, we had lunch at Rachel’s Cafe & Creperie.

hopefully we will find these images hanging but since we didn’t chose it will be  a surprise for us as well as the other visitors. cool.


toe shoes

sufi dancer

i am just bringing some dance images even though i am participating in the 4th annual Hell’s Kitchen Art Festival later this month May 18, thru 20th where i’ll be showing some of the Kyoto gallery 16×20″ images. as yet no venue has been set. this being nyc i can show nudes but who wants to buy nudes of other people unless they are on a calendar and i don’t expect too many auto mechanics at the art festival. but hey you never know.

ascending gets good reviews from women even buy it because it’s such an uplifting image. i love it myself but probably for different reasons. i am just happy when my work finds a good home, they are like my children. who doesn’t want the best for their children no matter who they are. here that sean?

jene & mary


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