Avedon this summer in NYC

yes a busy month to begin the summer with Avedon at Gagosian gallery  until July 6, 2012 should have some pretty sharp images on display see the press release, you remember him right? he’s the guy who did this

and this

and my favorite


how many models have i wanted to grab and shake their pretty heads until they understood what i wanted from them? but this was done in fun.

Opening reception: Friday, May 4th, from 6:00 to 8:00pm

“Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of Richard Avedon’s legendary photographic murals and related portraits. The exhibition has been drawn from the collection of and developed in collaboration with The Richard Avedon Foundation.

By the late 1960s, Avedon had worked for more than two decades as a professional photographer. His visionary depictions of couture changed fashion in magazines and his commanding portraits of public figures were among the most venerated in the world. Avedon’s reportage, which he had made since the late 1940s and which included Italian and New York street scenes, had expanded to address cultural touchstones such as the American Civil Rights Movement and the inhabitants of a Louisiana mental institution.”


but hey who needs in focus pictures when you could be looking at some of my images trying to figure out exactly what i was looking at when i pushed the shutter. well i am right there with you, i wonder myself but then other times i nail it. BAM, for me the photography is just a small part of the picture and not the finished product. what does it look like on paper?

golden slippers


and last but not least this


well still fuzzy but you can move it closer to your eyes.

so as i said if you want to see sharp photographic images go see Avedon other wise take a peek at my work here for the real interesting photography, but it’s late and i am tied as i just got back from a long site survey and want to crawl into bed.

good nite.



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One Response to “Avedon this summer in NYC”

  1. smallapplebites Says:

    I went to see the exhibition. It’s a treat

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