Winkel & Balktick site survey, taking Jene Youtt along for the ride

well monday night i went to Winkel & Balktick production meeting for their forth coming event. we, mary and i have been to one before  but because of schedules we didn’t persue anything . mary isn’t interested in these large scale events hey i’ve been on the road with big rock & roll bands.i.e. the rolling stones so what could they throw at me that i hadn’t seen.

last weekend having gone to our opening at Annex 24 we were having breakfast in lancester pa at a bob evans restaurant  when the waitress got into a conversation about my tatoo and shared with us  she had been to a rock concert at watkins glenn where the dead, the band and the allman bros.played which i had worked on. red dog of the allman bros. had dosed me with LSD backstage so i sat out most of the show sitting on the front edge of stage right follow spot platform watching the show. i guess i was up about 50′ feet or so on the tower, but hey this was rock & roll.

but i digress from the meeting, i guess it was all that LSD i had taken in my youth.

the meeting/gathering got a late start but free beer was flowing and everyone was talking to each other getting to know whom ever.



more group

but finally the meeting came to order when winkel & balktick made their presentation on the may party and described their upcoming events starting with the june weekend LAB event.


now we all introduced ourselves in sound bites and then off to see the new venue. they had a school bus for all of us which reminded me of ‘the merry pranksters’ and ken kesey considering the varied education levels of the group i am sure some of them knew who ken kesey was  but i remained confident none of them had enjoyed acid.

i must remind my readers i am not an event photographer nor do i ever hope to wake up as one. the bus was interesting i sat next to a fellow who introduced himself to a young woman sitting on the other side of me as ‘pirate’ then went on to describe his web site as, i am not sure exactly, as hate & bile where he planned to put his work on. at that point i was glad i hadn’t asked him on his introduction ‘where his ship was tied up’

old guys aren’t as interesting to talk to i guess, we don’t have much to contribute, sometimes just letting the conversation flow one can learn so much. so i just relaxed bouncing around brooklyn on my way to queens fooling around doing what i do, taking pictures.

inside of bus going to queens

pretty cool huh?

but we get to site and all get out in parking lot file into building and get taken on our tour

group portrait

no the elevator doesn’t work just a good photo op. then we wander around being shown the spaces so that we may get use ideas and come up with proposals, hey this is a business trip.



one of the spaces

let us not forget this is a deserted pfizer factory and who knows what they made there or what experiments may  have taken place in that building. i am not sure how to explain this picture as i as taking pictures of the walls and i discovered this on my cameras CF card. could these things still be wandering the halls when we were not aware of them?

strange creatures

hey i got home safely, even in the dead of night from queens on a nyc subway, leaving our friends where they belong.

Jene Youtt


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2 Responses to “Winkel & Balktick site survey, taking Jene Youtt along for the ride”

  1. maryduranteyoutt Says:

    love the inside bus photos and the last one “strange creatures”

  2. marinaro2 Says:

    reminds me of a ferlingetti piece…stream of consciousness.

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