Hell’s Kitchen Artists in Studio Tours Friday May 18 – Sunday May 20, 2012

once again i’ve decided to participate in this artist tour only this time i decided to show my pictures in a public coffee shop Kahve , 774 9th Ave, NY, NY so i didn’t have to baby sit them. i’ve so much work going on in my life right now i felt i couldn’t give it the time required. coffee shops in this area are a dying breed as landlords ask for higher rents making it hard for small businesses to survive and artist to stay in the neighborhood. i live here because it’s close to all the theaters where i work. how many people get to live within walking distance of where they work?
i chose some of my simple dance images

Blue Dancer

along with it’s partner

Orange Dancer

sometimes in these types of events not everything goes according to plans but i hope this one does. if you’re in New York City and want to see some of the local artist do download the map, i hope there is a map, and stop by to meet the us.

Press release:

The 4th Annual Hell’s Kitchen Artists in Studio Tours Friday May 18 – Sunday May 20, 2012.  

Fourth time’s the charm…

Is it the fourth year already? Call it tradition, call it grass-roots social movement, call it a permeating underground murmur waiting to erupt but it is a undeniably a standout fact – the independent & FREE Hell’s Kitchen arts festival has established itself as one of New York’s prominent art and social events and is here to stay.

Last year, for three frivolous entrancing days at 95 venues thousands of artists, performers and revelers opened their studios, businesses, clubs and have taken to the streets; With the support of gutsy local venues and a few visionary and generous finance and realty staples the vision thrived and gotten stronger and bigger.

A new audacious voice has been presented: At The Edge – A sprightly magazine pulsating and overflowing with vivaciously blunt, refreshingly outspoken, scorchingly authentic artistic and literary expression in all forms and colors, giving a stage to dozens of the neighborhood’s (and the city’s) diverse bubbly creative forces & leading art establishments.

This year’s event will celebrate a second issue – printed and circulated in over 10,000 copies to avid readers around Hell’s Kitchen, midtown, downtown, & selected hot Brooklyn ‘art-hoods’, it is a communal exclamation to be reckoned with.

We’re Gonna Set the Streets on Fire! (Not literally, except perhaps our stunning alumni fire and belly dancer….)

Smack in the heart of Manhattan, right beside the indulgent Chelsea, the fizzy debauched theater district and the financial dynamo of midtown, another juicy slice of the city dares you to take an outrageous bite.

The Fourth Annual Hell’s Kitchen Artist Studio Tour is a free event taking place May 18th  – 20th  where scores of artists and performers open their homes, galleries, theaters, businesses and studios (their hearts also) for a self-guided and mapped tour. Participating artists consist of individuals with well-established and honored careers, as well as emerging artists striving to get their voice out there and make their mark.

At this three day unruly, insatiable Art Bacchanalia all art forms and mediums will be represented, including fine art, sculpture, music, fashion, photography, theater, dance, comedy, body painting, public spectacle and much more.

With no less than six Parties featuring continual entertainment of all genres!  For 30 hours over 3 nights, major & informal after parties each evening, exhibiting some raw and refined local vibrant talent at venues from classy lounges to murky speakeasies to intimate Art salons, patrons and visitors are sure to be tickled with just the right thing to satisfy their taste and fancy.

Wealth of artists to tantalize your senses.

Batteries of blazing artists, from raging social commentators to crisp impressionists to sly, depraved surrealists – a singled out individual from this Armada of talent candy will undoubtedly hit your sweet spot.

We know you get it; give us a call for more sizzling inside details (galleries and venues maps, artists’ profiles), spread the word, pick up an issue, come impulsively knocking by – we’re here for this city and its people, we know you won’t leave us hanging.



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4 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen Artists in Studio Tours Friday May 18 – Sunday May 20, 2012”

  1. maryduranteyoutt Says:

    I read some good reviews on Yelp* about the coffee joint Kahve. So be sure to stop by…

  2. RandomCertaintyInTheWorld Says:

    Reblogged this on RandomCertaintyInTheWorld and commented:
    Wonderful, just wonderful. Look at the motion. You can feel the movement. The Energy is amaving. Your talent is unwordly. Instant follow.

  3. marinaro2 Says:

    Will be there tomorrow with a pal to support you and your creative work. Hooray!

  4. dian Says:

    thanks for the tip, Jene, hope to see you!

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