Young Sam Kim @ Emmanuel Fremin gallery

last night mary and i  were delighted to attend the opening of a koren montage artist Young Sam Kim @ Emmanuel Fremin gallery at 547 W. 27th Street Suite 508 , New York, NY 10001  212.279.8555    646.245.3240

gallery entrance

waiting for the crowds

as Young Sam Kim bio says ” Young Sam Kin is a photographer, living both in Long Island City, New York and Busan, Korea.  He was born in Busan, Korea in 1978. With unknown etiology, his hearing became profoundly impaired at two years of age. At age three, he began drawing and painting lessons, using visual language as a form of communication.” read the rest here

then the crowd finally appears with the  opening of the gates on a rainy night in manhattan


we were quite impressed with the artists vision and history. not living in another persons world it’s hard to understand their perspective. Young Sam Kim art crosses that boundary visually so even i can see a POV from his perspective. confinement, freedom and release are his themes.  cool huh?

my favorite piece

all though it’s pretty hard to just pick one because there were others i liked as much.

of course here is Young Sam Kim ready to welcome everyone


and here are a couple wild and crazy guys just ready to tell you all about the exhibit

Young Sam Kim artist & Emmanuel Fremin gallery owner

mary learned about the artist and his new wife of one month whom she was introduce to. the couple knew each other since the seventh grade but just now got married. i being a male would have never even thought to learn something like this as i asked Young Sam Kim about his creative process. mary brings a human side to our lives which helps balance out who we are. i listen to her most of the time and it helps me be a better person. the yin & yang of a relationship.

being in love and being with love is such a pleasure that really lightens ones life, giving one breathing room to just enjoy the what ever we come across. so do stop down to Emmanuel Fremin’s gallery and see what they have to offer. i am sure you can find something interesting.


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