this weeks work or play, whatever you call it

it’s exhausting and exciting creating. so exhausting setting up the studio from a living area but that’s the only way i can afford to make images with people. maybe i am going about this the wrong way but i really don’t know of another way. it’s like the rest of my life learn a trade then go about practice it. some become masters, i am considered  pretty good at what i do but don’t ask me.

all i see are the missed shots, the ones i could have done better, i must have funny eyes in order to see this way or could it be my irish heritage? but it is what it is and i do best i can, as Phoo would say ‘with a very small brain.’

i’ve been meaning to write again about apple and so many other things that course through my brain, for a small one it’s pretty active. but i just finished up on this photo shoot, editing and doing the post production that saves my ass. i can only fix the fixable nothing can save stupidity.

i contact a few people a week on model mayhem some who are looking for work some want to be’s looking for a professional photographer, makes me smile some i just shake my head at. but some are sincere so you never know what will walk through the door. this is what we start with.

semi nude beginning

not impressed? me neither but wait these’s more, i must admit michelle does have some bumps on her forehead which i softened in PS 4 as my PS 6 trial is over. i’ll probably buy 6 for some of it’s features but not today.

over the shoulder,

what i wanted to shoot  with this woman was lingerie but she didn’t have any outfits that matched other than this garter belt that i liked and i’ve none to share with her.

garter strap

so now what am i going to do? mary bought some hats weeks ago so i’d give this a try

almost a halo

thanks TJ Max but michelle brought her fur wrap which we used

rabbit fur

more fur fun

but see the spectral lens refractions, lighting problems all day but i include this image because i like michelle’s quality

i also had another new toy some satin fabric one of my  jobs was throwing out so i dragged that back to studio

white satin with nude

which reminds me of ‘Last tango in Paris’ and i’ve no idea why


now that’s a nice sandwich, as the say at the stage deli

i tried to keep things simple, well simple for me at least.  but i am pretty committed to learning to work with my white lightning strobes instead of my tungsten lighting. i should sell it , way too much space lost to stuff.

take care and good night, i’ll be gone for a week or so doing the tony’s to earn a few bucks for gas money for the guzzler. last weekend driving back from the shore a NJ trooper pulled in behind us, then along side until he was in front, just looking at the car. people do that because it’s not every day you see american history before your eyes.

1970 mercury xr7 cougar convertible.



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2 Responses to “this weeks work or play, whatever you call it”

  1. Charlie Says:

    Jene ~ I do like the black and white shot. I know what you mean about “last tango…” And working out of an apartment. I’ve been looking over some of the models from model mayhem. I see you’ve found someone to work with. Is it worth the time? It brings me back to the times of doing that…20 years ago. Don’t think I can do again. I am happy with my ‘botanicals.’ Any feedback from the show at the cafe? I do hope so. Have fun with that beaut of a convertible.

    • fuzzypictures Says:

      gee charlie

      it depends what you’re interested in. the mm girls are ok but limited in experience especially if your looking for lots of input and can be expensive but every once in a while i splurge.

      botanicals are fine why bother with boobies?

      no feedback from kauve except the owners like the work since it doesn’t cost them anything. oh well

      thanks for asking


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