the case of the missing umbrella & jpmorgans convictions

today is my day for rest and relaxation  maybe catching up with my life, there is always a bill or two to be paid sitting here but sometimes the desk is clear, though my mind can still be cloudy. this past weekend i worked on our XR 7 convertible putting in 3 point seat belts for the rear seat. it took all weekend for me, a fellow with a little brain, to figure out. it wasn’t as easy as i though it would be as i had done front belts in two other cars this was different.  as my dancers friends say ‘there are only so many plies in the knees.’

i caught up on some errands yesterday which included going to the bank making a deposit where my umbrella was taken by an unknowned person, now this is New York City and wouldn’t you be surprised to learn there are crooks and thieves hiding out in our banks. just ask jamie diamond about how many convictions this bank has had under his leadership. oh the us senate banking committee  forgot to ask him but you can look it up here at jpmorgan watch. now the umbrella wasn’t in one of his branches  so he’s clear of that, but mr. diamond  must have a problem hiring competent people to work for him as they all keeping getting involved in these schemes.

but i find it hard to believe none of our senators nor representatives asked questions about his banks ethics. do you think they were all in his pocket? could that be true?

you’ve just got to keep your eyes open, yet bankers have a way with them, my bank Capital One keeps changing accounts from free to fee based after awhile, and now an orange umbrella or one of their customers has something they didn’t come in with, is that called a profit or theft?

today i ordered my winnings from the contest Color it Red from o’reilly press and tried to order tickets from BAMs but i am not a member so i’ll have to wait until all the members get their pick, oh ok. i”ve aways wanted to see Einstein on the Beach since working on the production at the Met opera house years ago. We’ll be in Alaska when tickets go on sale so i am hoping i can buy something nice on line. oh well

we now have iphones, which we got the other weekend from verizon who sells the iPhones but doesn’t service them nor troubleshoot them. in the box our iphones came in there is a pamphlet Finger tips a quick start into a new world for new eyes,, or old people who wear glasses. as mary says sometimes way too much information.

i am not doing very well communicating with model type people these days. it must be me it doesn’t seem possible that everyone else is off the wall, but it could be. a fashion stylist named bunny style was looking for togs who do motion fashion photography, what ever that is? she posted her farcebook page, have they changed your email address yet on farcebook showing her fashions. there didn’t look like anything showing motion and i asked her if she wasn’t thinking emotion. she deleted my message before answering it, oh well.

it’s getting to be nap time as i was woke up early this morning from the constructions workers underneath my bedroom window this knocking out spaces for new windows for the summers renovation. it’s a long haul because i only see a few people working on the site. are they out of money already? so much for them at this rate they’ll be working on this building a lifetime before finishing the project.

but i’ll finish up now, i’ll post more pictures of my projects as i get them.




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One Response to “the case of the missing umbrella & jpmorgans convictions”

  1. fuzzypictures Says:

    someone suggested i get cheap drugs as in depressants, what a wonderful world we live in.

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