Sex sells @ Emmanuel Fremin gallery opening

may have been one of the hottest openings with around 500 people crowding to get in a small space. when i say hot i mean the temperature of the room.

after the crowd cleared out a bit and we weren’t pressed up against each other there was room to see the art hanging around the room

or just have a chance to converse with your fellow gallery goer.

all under the watchful eyes and smiling face of emmanuel who’s always wandering around introducing people to art and artist.

while the lovely lady Mary Nguyen has her own way of attracting people

an enjoyable evening of art and friendship had by all

well some people just want to start out cooler than others as this young lady with her bodypainter friend surrounded by sweaty togs.

exhibit B

or this fellow contemplating his LCD screen, did he get it?

to see more pictures of the opening check out the farcebook page here

my favorite pic of the night happened when we were walking from the bus to gallery on 11th avenue.  my wife against the sunset

in her sexy shoes and summer skirt woohoo



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