video intern opportunity at Howard Schatz studio or how to work for free.

here’s a post on craigslist that some young video head would just love to do. but it’s working for free and i never had the opportunity even when jobs were plentiful in the 60’s. i had picked up the habit of eating and sleeping in a bed and had no one in the world to support me but me. i had to do some pretty disgusting things just to survive and it was still hard.

not to say people didn’t help me because they did and for that i’d like to say Thank you, where ever you are.

below howard is asking someone to ‘intern’ in his studio for no pay. yes howard is a wonderful commercial photographer, sometimes noted as a photographer of the year, 20 books printed, covers on time mag, etc. i’ve seen howard’s work amazing stuff. he justifies free internships by saying the people who do these learn a lot. i am sure they do, that is if someone else is footing the food bill.

howard’s not alone in asking people to work for free as this is the new trial period in this day and age. steve mc curry uses interns.

i am sure who ever takes this opportunity will learn a lot and have very good contacts from howard’s studio. but one would think, i do that an accomplished photography studio could pay their workers something even the pages at CBS get paid.  oh well i guess i am way old school [ atlas shrugged ] in thinking people are worth something. in the old days when you apprenticed for someone at least you could sleep on a pile of straw over in the corner on the floor. but no mention of straw in the adv.

times have changed or have they. my understanding of a apprenticeship was a contract between two parties where you came away with a learned trade, here video production. well tell that to all the ny one correspondents who lug cameras around town getting news stories for low pay thinking someone in the major networks see them and offer a decent paying job. what the network executives saw were people willing to work cheap. now the ideal tv network news person should be 24 years old , start at $24,000 a year salary and be available to work 24 hours a day. so much for breaking onto the national scene.
with this logic i am the one out of step here it takes a lot of money to run a photography studio or tv network so why spend the money on salaries when you can offer a person a learning experience. but asking someone to work for free doesn’t sit well with me.


Schatz Ornstein Studio is looking for a full time intern to work in the production department.
Internship starts Monday July 30th. This is an unpaid internship.

You will work hand and hand with the studio’s Producer and Executive Producer assisting on the production end of all projects.
Our work ranges from advertising jobs, to editorial and artistic (personal projects). We are also in the process of printing our
19th and 20th book, so you will have the opportunity to be part of the process.

This is a great opportunity for someone very eager to be a professional photography and TV commercials producer.
You will be immersed 100% into the world of production. This is a very hands-on internship.

Some of the tasks you will be performing:

– Assist producer on shoots
– Pre-production: Assist producer with call-sheets, pre-pro books/ meetings, quotes, vendors, crew.
– Administrative Support
– Research (for new or existing project).
– Handle/ develop projects as assigned
– Set-up/ run Castings
– Since we are a small group, duties will also include studio cleanup, recycling, etc.

We are looking for someone who has/ is:

– Eager to be a producer
– Smart, quick and resourceful
– Good writing skills
– Detail oriented
– Committed to the job/ team
– Capable to take directions from supervisors
– Eager to learn all aspects of production
– Quick learner
– Can take larger projects as assigned, and follow through
– Professional demeanor

For more information on our work, please visit our website

Please send a short cover letter and your resume to Ivana Stolkiner, Producer to the email address above.
No phone calls, please.


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