the ‘Innovative Choreographers’ stamps have been released including a Jose Limon stamp

The much anticipated USPS Limón postage stamp was released on July 28th as part of the Innovative Choreographers collection purchase it here or at your local post office.

The stamp has solicited many positive reactions by members of the Limón family…”The inclusion of José on the new USPS Postage Stamps is one of the most important and enduring tributes José has ever received. It truly places him before the entire nation as one of our most important artists and innovators, and as a role model for generations to come. I am so moved and happy that this has finally come about!”
~Carla Maxwell, Artistic Director, Limón Dance Company

“It is thrlling to have him on a stamp – I can almost dance with him!”
~Ann Vachon, Director, Limón Institute

“The stamp is a celebration of a dance tradition that began almost 100 years ago with Doris Humphrey, rose to exalted heights with José, and continues to grow with each generation of dancers and choreographers that it inspires.
~Alan Danielson, Director, Limón School

“In the post office I was so moved to see a stamp of José sitting on the rack. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I was very emotional, as I thought of José traveling around the world once again. He will be reminding everyone of his greatness as a choreographer, and bring to life his statements on human nature. What an honor for José Limón and his work.”
~Daniel Lewis, founding Dean of Dance at New World School of the Arts, alumni of Limón Dance Company and former assistant to José Limón.

“This is the perfect tribute for José Limón. An explorer, a visionary and a poet of movement, this stamp personifies Limón’s legacy and propels modern dance into the minds and hearts of all Americans. What better way to celebrate American modern dance than to travel across the country in which it was created!”
~Elise Drew Leon, Limón Dance Company member

“This stamp represents a recognition. The heritage of American art has been founded, in a large part, by dance, and Limón is known as one of its first, and greatest pioneers. The strength and artistry in the illustration honor his memory, and the continued importance of his work and his company.”
~Mary Susan Sinclair- Kuenning, Limón Professional Studies Program, class of 2011

the set includes Isadora Ducan, Jose Limon, Katherine Dunham and Bob Fosse i know i’ll be stopping by and picking up a few sets along with a Century of Dance book plus more keepsakes.



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