bored today waiting on client meetings

the title says it all. last week a friend of ours asked mary about doing a video to promo his invented product, the BUBI bottle so this past  sunday was the only time  i had a si am getting ready to leave town for our first cruise. we are going to Alaska on a holland american ship. the only other cruise i’ve been on in my life was a troop carrier to europe and back. i didn’t enjoy it much but coming back to usa was better as i knew what to expect.

i think this cruise should be a better all around experience, at least i’ll have my honey with me. right now i am exhausted from working and waiting. i’ve finished the shoot and edit but had to wait for copy approval etc. now i am waiting until it goes on line to post it here. it’s not spectacular but for being thrown together on the spot pretty good.

while i waited going through the CF cards i plan to take with me and backing things up i viewed the cards before reformatting them i came across this series i’d shot last may. how many times does this happen to me? where i rediscover images on HD or cards and cds? my honey doesn’t like me to show her body dressed like this but she does excite when i see her, other women like the one below i am looking at lighting and composition. it’s really not the same while some may find this erotic which i admit that’s the direction i am going. whom i want to be with has a special connection with me which is my erotism.


i just didn’t want my readers  to think i’ve gone normal doing these video projects. what is the real positive here is that i am forcing myself to learn something new,  that at least helps keep me interesting and on my toes. but life would be  a lot easier if i learned how to use all these programs from some one and not a dumb screen.

i’ll try and keep everyone posted about the things i see and do but it’s hard as i am not on assignment just another great adventure with my loved one.

take care



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