interesting as i’ve been going through a box of old pictures i’d taken, most on family trips and there is so much dreck in there. i think of all the chemicals wasted in the environment  for nothing. but occasionally i find something that jogs my memory and connect with that moment so long ago. is it art ? i don’t think so. i do love to look through thrift stores boxes of old photos thinking of how many of my personal Kodak moments have been lost and destroyed. the life of a wanderer doesn’t endear it’s self to saving pictures. hell there have been times i wondered if i’d make it to the next day or breath.


Fans in a Flashbulb

Unidentified Photographer, [Two unidentified girls, one eating watermelon, the other disrobing], ca. 1960 (2012.24.1)

The rich history of snapshot photography has yet to be written. But when that text is transcribed it will finally be possible to understand the complex role that snapshots once played in framing social identity and everyday life in the twentieth century, in every country, across several generations, in very ritualistic and historically specific ways. The consummate middle-class art form, snapshot photography allowed amateur photographers in those pre-Tumblr days to document and to some extent to invent their lives and accomplishments. Occasionally, however, by luck or misfortune, the pictures made by those avid backyard snapshooters exceeded the bounds of the routine occasion. Collectors John and Teenuh Foster of St. Louis, who recently donated to ICP the fantastic photograph above, seek out such photographic aberrations, which they refer to as “accidental mysteries.” The tiny picture…

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  1. CSKrasko Says:

    Hey Jene–I got the university to get me a Think Tank bag to hual my stuff across campus. i love it!

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