review of my Think Tank airport International 2.0 bag from Adorama camera


which i bought from Adorama for our trip to alaska. i like to spread my purchases around to different stores to see what they have changed since my last visit. i also check their web sites, the last bag i got at B&H video so i thought why not visit adorama ?

adorama has expanded their store some somewhat but seem limited in floor space and lack some ‘touch & feel’ of some products. i realize most of their business in web generated where people don’t need to touch a product. i am a touchy feely person.

i did met a salesperson who was having a computer problem but hey i understand. we worked through it. they showed me a picture of the Think Tank medium bag that had four wheels, cool. i decided not buying it that day and took  their card  so they would get credit for the sale. a day later i ordered on line where the picture came up it only had two wheels. i called customer service who explained that some of the web pictures don’t get updated right away. OK no problem ship it. i arrived a day or so later and i didn’t open it right away because i wasn’t ready to pack camera gear.

pictured above is what i got. lots of room for two cameras, 70 to 200 lens, speedlites, battery chargers, lens filters, etc this case even has a pocket for a laptop. but it’s  unpadded and in front of the case, not usable for me, i am a padding type of guy. but great place to store magazines for reading when your flight gets bumped as did our united airlines flight from anchorage ak. took us 24 hours to get home stuffed into the rear seats of a boeing 737  which i call the tube, that doesn’t have enough room to move your seat back, leaving only about 8″ between your face and seat in front of you.there outta be a law against this.

this bag has two different locks one on the main zipper which is nice and another on a cable to lock the case to something else. but if a thief wanted something out of the case they would use a knife to cut the case open.

the bag worked for what i needed, keeping my gear together. it has a limited warrantee which probably doesn’t cover the zippers which is where i’ve had problems before.

the odd thing about this purchase is i can’t review this bag on the adorama web site, i must have deleted their email link so when i when to adorama site it wouldn’t let me write a review, oh well. purschasing things these days isn’t as easy as it seems. now i could have returned the bag but it is what i saw on the web site so what’s the beef? none really just my surprise as it was different from what i saw in the store. i’ve no problem with the bag working as promised. a bag is a bag.



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