actors head shots and a tour of the invisible, not a bad few moments of time

sometimes when bored with what i am doing or not doing i click on my TED Talks link to get a different perspective on the world and who knows maybe learn something to boot. the video below is one of those such talks. its a cute animated tour not too heavy and not too lite. at the end there is a quote from the poet A.H. Auden, i think, that best describes how i feel sometimes.

 Ted talk by john lloyd on a ‘tour of the invisible’

i do enjoy my abilities to create whether or not it’s for profit. i really don ‘t need the fame and fortune as i am blessed with a wonderful life now. it’s not always been that way but who has time to live in the past anymore. heck i can barely keep up with now.  it’s taken me way too long to learn to share things without thinking about a reward, even if the reward is good karma.

so it is with this post of a couple of portraits i took of my neighbor, we’ve lived in the same hallway for i don’t know how many years now. he’s career has been in the theater as mine has only as an actor and singer. not always is age kind to us. richard and i have spoken about what we’ve been up to, he’s doing movie extra work and i asked him about pictures, actors always need pictures, he said he had some but………………

well why don’t you stop by and i’ll take a look says i. one day we hooked up and i saw what he was using and offered to do new ones for him. well months later he did ring my bell and this is the outcome below. i am not a headshot photographer but i’ve seen my share.

simple shot: Key 22″ beauty dish camera left. overhead soft box.


maybe this is the one he’ll use, i don’t know and it’s so hard for him to judge

which i liked but his right ear lobe looks too big. the next one i asked him to rough up his hair and this is what we got

we both like this one but probably not too business like

but i think these are much better than the one he was using no matter his choice. better than the one below where everything was in sharp focus, i had to blur the background on this one.

oh well it’s nice to help other people. good luck richard lyle thomas


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One Response to “actors head shots and a tour of the invisible, not a bad few moments of time”

  1. fuzzypictures Says:

    i am not sure if it’s a compliment or not that the actor showed my pictures to the other tog and got their opinion which to use. neither they nor their friends picked the messy hair photo which richard and i both liked. oh well

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