more nude females and a few ideas about love

ok after posting this i can take a break maybe do some exercises, go for walk anything to get me away from computer. the lights not right to do construction shoot today but tomorrow should be sunny which is what i need.

this morning i did final, odd word final, is anything final, especially in the creative world ? but good word for now which gives me breathing room in my life. every day, if i am lucky enough to have finished the last one i put together a ‘to do list’ otherwise my monkey mind will take me on some pretty weird journeys. the list keeps me on track.

last weeks ‘Men in raincoats’ shoot happened and i am just finishing up my edits. notice i didn’t say final.  i contacted the model and asked for her email but i probably have than on the release, duh. two hours is all i can spend shooting nowadays before i get bored with nudes. this woman had a clock running inside of her which was fine, bing two hours up.

i’ll put then up in no real order then see how it looks

smoking female

and here is the original


i like the smoke better than plain old no-seam paper

i got a great comment the other day from a chicago tog who shared another web hosting site musecube years ago but that when downhill because of the quality of work posted in it’s latter day.paying customers aren’t always the best ones, but there was time when that was a cool community. i learned so much there from guys & gals from around the world. they all shared their expertise and critiques. everyone did something different but in the same field. my problem with musecube was the google ranking somewhere on the 5 or 7th page for my site. great layout but poor customer service.

eck more smoke

i was reminded how infrequently people have kind words uttered into their ears in this hub a bub me world. where did this rush around the world come from? don’t we remember what it’s like to be held ? to be told we are good people ? that we are loved ? does thinking about someone else really take that much time ? away from what ? isn’t living on this planet about sharing ?

alan watts once said the reason we have skin is so we can touch the world, or we’d just ooze out all over the place and make a big mess.


i am lucky to have someone in my life to share it with. it”s been a long long time trying to build a life alone and this way is much much better. i never realized the difference between my ideal and real life. yes i knew there is no different between giving and receiving both being the same action until i found a truly giving does make a difference and makes getting out of bed in the morning worthwhile. i must recommend this to those readers out there who are thinking about relationships. if you reach out to someone they just might reach back to you. that’s how it works.


i know i know more cloth?

so now i feel as if i’ve done my work for this morning even tho it’s early afternoon and can go on living my life. the men in raincoats are happy, i guess they are in raincoats because looking at the search terms showing that lots of people find their way to fuzzypictures through nude female queries. nude this, nude that. oh well if i didn’t make nudes then they wouldn’t come here and it does look like rain out there.

don’t forget photoexpo is this month get you free floor exhibit pass here. see all the latest in camera gear you can’t afford.


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2 Responses to “more nude females and a few ideas about love”

  1. Charlie Says:

    I am glad to see you are still shooting. Are you using strobe or hot lights? These have the look of old hot lights. There is a show starting at Soho Digital Arts Gallery, Oct 17. Perhaps there’ll be some decent photogs. Just saw Brett Weston at Kasner in Chelsea. Disappointing; not at all his pop’s emotional breadth.

    • fuzzypictures Says:

      strobe without reflector, lovely light, use blackwrap to control it.

      we are going to see quay brothers exhibit over two days.

      good to hear from you.

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