days of the dead and living……… halloween is just around the corner

life is moving around me like an alaskan spring river melt and i am dancing as fast as i can to keep up. this is one of my favorite times of the year with the changing of season, trees of many colors, wonderful leaves underfoot, i love the patterns and colors. even cars parked on new york city streets importing  country leaves on their hoods reminding me of the beauty of death, which without we may not be here. imagine a world which nothing died. would we have a place to stand?

i am just a photographer who found a few spare dollars in order to pay a couple advertizing on craigslist looking for work. i’ve not done a shoot in a while, sometimes months even then i never catch up to my life. seems there is always something to do. is this going to be another season i never get out of the city to sit among the colorful countryside? looks that way. but i’ve got some sort of style here about non communication which these picture are about.

more living sculptures

I’ve been a member of One Model Place for a year and now a member of Model Mayhem where i try and find people to work with. i am more successful on craigslist. i find a lot of the people on these sites to be ‘want to bes’ aren’t serious to say the least, even though they write they are artist. i had another flake text me saturday she couldn’t make a shoot we had set up ten days in advance. instead she did a bloody skull shoot in albany ny.

a tog friend had four for four no shows this week from model mayhem. so i’ve come to think that most of them are full of sh…t. but i still need models.

Ghost kiss

so where do i go? these people are just starting out modeling but they are an intimate couple and pretty open whether or not they understood where i was coming from. i sent these images and haven’t heard from them yet. they did cash the check and sign a model release.

just for fun i submitted the above image to Calumet photo ‘Photo of the Month‘ contest. fat chance of it being selected as october is over, i just like to stimulate the judges.

the embrace

we all had a few laughs along the way of the session, i got a few images out of the two hours but not really the pic i have a envisioned of but it all wasn’t a waste of time and no children or animals were hurt which is always a good thing.

taking her into my arms

below is one of my favorite images. i was going for something sensual between this couple which i think happens here.


but then we changed roles


while they are not actors being an intimate couple helps in projecting the emotion that interests me. but you the viewer are the final judge here.


trying to do the shooting, lighting, props and styling is a pretty challenging job. yes i played in photoshop for a long day putting together the shoot playing with this slider then that one so what you see here is what i came up with. tomorrow i may change my mind.

come to me softly

so here is the naked truth of what i had to work with, not bad but also not optional for what i was looking for, but all in all a nice couple of kids.

nude couple

 i do like the way sam looks at kat.

it’s late in the evening and i am off to photo expo tomorrow to meet mary and another friend who is an important mentor for us whom we met on another photo sharing site who’s company attends the expo every year.



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