JPG mag ‘Breast, we need to support them’ 1st place contest winner

here is something i found in my mailbox from JPG  in the form as a rejection and to my pleasant surprise when i followed the link was to find my honey was the first place winner. woohoo

this is from mary’s blog ny metro  art scene

I’m a darn good photographer, at least I think so and so does JPG.  I can’t remember how long ago it was that I entered JPG’s “Breasts, We Need to Support Them” international juried competition but one of my images was awarded 1st place.  Whoo-hoo.  I had just closed my email when Jene went on his and said honey… your image was awarded first place.  I remained calm, cool and collected on the outside while doing the “happy dance” internally.

I went to bed with feelings of grandeur, maybe utter joy with a smattering of pride of acknowledgment would be more like it.  But it felt good.

(For those who don’t know that I finally dropped my ex’s name and took on my husband’s last name, sorry for any confusion…  Mary Durante Wehrhahn and Mary Durante Youtt are one in the same person, I assure you.)

Sunday, November 4th, my work will be exhibiting along with my husband’s (Jene Youtt) at The Monroe Center for the Arts,  720 Monroe Street, Hoboken,  NJ  from noon until 6pm.  Stop by… get a jump on some Holiday Shopping.   Give the gift of art…  It says a lot about you and the person you are giving it to.

Happy Day!

Mary   (


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