trying something new for me, sensual couple shoot

the constant quest in my work is finding the right people to work with me, considering my limited budget, so what i find mostly are people just starting out who are willing to work for what i can afford. free is good but only worth what the value of the final product. sometimes the magic works sometimes it doesn’t. this couple was willing to experiment with me and since they are intimate what i was asking wasn’t much of a push, just basically be yourself with a tog in the room. doesn’t everyone have strobes flashing every once in a while concentrating on their partner. very natural setting.

i’ve no idea if this works more than my previous post where i am working on a different story. this setting isn’t what i preferred but it was where we were. i’d much rather had a living room or bedroom for a more natural feeling. from the lack of comments here considering the traffic on the site i don’t know what to think you think. so like most of life lived i am working in the dark.  i guess it’s appropriate since this is personal work. i am the one who needs to be happy and if i haven’t learned that by now i should just go off to a cave and sit down to rest.


there isn’t much i can say that doesn’t appear in these images they are posed from my suggestions. but mostly i tried to be a fly on the wall giving them a premise for them to work with and watched.

the double copyright is because i am working off their CD and running a action in PS because i didn’t want to resize the images. oh well lazy tog.  what i wanted to do with this session is explore the eroticism of a couple without being graphic or pornographic.


touching tasting



let us not forget we have a couple here so it’s time to see the other side of love

white thigh highs

and the final one here as she seems to really enjoy being touched

wonder what she’s thinking

who knows why people come to this site and see the images. do they all wear raincoats and sit in darken rooms? well as we wait for Sandy to come a calling we might be soon wearing raincoats ourselves. so before the power goes out i’ll post this then relax reading the sunday times and wonder who the hell are these people they are talking about. has the world gone to the dogs? i for one like dogs so maybe i should rephrase that to cats. dogs are more loving i think than cats who seem not to need very much from us. just my humble opinion.

so if i am able to record tenderness between people then i’ve been successful if not at least no one was harmed in the making of these images. i hope you my readers have enjoyed your valuable time spent here.








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4 Responses to “trying something new for me, sensual couple shoot”

  1. peter le grand Says:

    Hi Jene,
    Your musings and questions are entirely appropriate – there is so little feedback, particularly on the internet. I think that you have selected one of the most difficult subjects in the art world – how to depict intimacy without it being pornographic or sex 101 lessons. Where are the lines? How do get a response? Keep pushing the envelope!!

  2. fuzzypictures Says:


    this type of work mary doesn’t like, i knew that before posting it which makes me self edit before showing the world. she thinks rightly so, that the cloth images hold a lot more mystery and would be something a woman might hang on her wall and not these more explicit images. i am never going to be the tog that jack is nor do i aspire to, he’s got some private european clients that he shoots his erotic stuff for with a handsome budget. nothing i can afford.

    am i a dirty old man? well sometimes and maybe more, but that’s another story. i did these nude first one for me to see how i could direct the people, yes i am a bit shy asking for my ideas, well needs and still learning how to do it. the second part i brought out the cloth as i wanted to get something i could use. i like to set a restriction on/between the erotic and the viewer.

    your suggestion to keep pushing the envelope is correct, heck who cares if i offend anyone, stuff isn’t sell anyways. i don’t think any of the people i work with really understand where i am going. they are too young and all want to be’s. i guess i am where ever i am. don’t we all want approval? at least not a beating everyday works for me. freedom taste sweet and at my age who knows how many more sunrises i’ll taste?

  3. Charlie Says:

    Glad to see you’re keep your own volition and showing your type of eroticism. Where are you getting models from? I am trying to find some for a shoot idea.

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