tucker a failed photo shoot, well that’s what i though then, or turkey’s dressed?

‘where does the time go’ i think as i look around my work space as if i am going to find it watching me from a dark corner. all i wanted to do was clean up my computer desktop an go through the alaskan dvds looking for selects to give to mary, we do want to make small books of our trips just to have, maybe something the grand children can see and toss aside. what’s a book they will ask? where do you turn it on? you have to turn what?

but no…….. can i keep on task of dragging folders onto hard drives, i’ve got to open them to see what’s in there. oh gee i’ve ment to finish these images  and put them in my portfolios. oh well might as do these couple of ones before i save them. i may have posted a few here before but can’t remember or didn’t put in fuzzy folder, i can’t rely on my memory any more, too many holes in there.

blue man raising

this was todays work or finishing up work from months ago, i think todays work sounds better, but who’s listening?


i had mary sew some spandex in sort of a large bag with a draw string on top to close it. i am sure tucker, the dancer,  thought i was strange but who doesn’t but since i was paying him for his time he humored me. i think i sent him some images which he never responded to and i’ve lost touch with him now so he won’t see them now. tucker if you’re out there drop me a line.

the things i hatch up

male dancer emerging from smoke is how i’ve described this but another birth image. seems a thread in m work birth, restriction and death.  oh course there can be a lot of stuff in the middle some fun some not. just need to keep a sense of humor, if you don’t like something it’s like the weather, wait and it will change. seems quite a few don’t know this.

the suit

so only a few images for thanksgiving to remind me how lucky i am to be alive and have loving people around me to share life with. i hope all of my readers can find the time to be thankful for what ever they have. life is a gift.

i feel i  need to thank paul lammers of as the world turns who taught me how to work with smoke. thank you paul.






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2 Responses to “tucker a failed photo shoot, well that’s what i though then, or turkey’s dressed?”

  1. Charlie Says:

    Mysterious as always Jene, as if coming out of a bog. Happy Days to you both.

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