a new year opportunity, maybe learn something

this has been some new year, very traumatic but we have survived probably stronger cleaner yes, having had the opportunity to dump a lot of the old stuff hanging around collecting dust due to a fire at our apt studio.

it happened using and learning a new control system, my White Lightning LG4X controler and me being lost in the pictures i was getting. maybe had i read and understood the instructions in the book on page one this wouldn’t have happened but sometimes it just doesn’t register in my brain.

the fire started from the modeling light which i don’t usually use but was turned on that day. it caught fire to some show card i had placed to flag the strobe off the background. it got pretty scary looking at a wall of noseam paper on fire after the show card fell in the middle of the paper and me with no shoes on.

the ‘happy hippy’ as a friend of mine calls the model was someone new whom i’d never worked with but seemed ok. we started working with this costume of hers. it wasn’t until i saw the comps that i realized she was wearing a silly bracelet.i guess i need to check them more closely, strip them nude of everything.


i never understand why models, someone who rents or sells their bodies get tattoos? yes it’s a cultural thing we all decorate our bodies in some way, but WTF  permanent markings? see the little hippy heart? and to even think i can photoshop something out is absurd. but there is more

_MG_5528 copy

how can i get rid of this, while a nice tat not what i am looking for in a model. i want  a blank file not something some one   wants.


the color and costume along with the mask are a nice combination and pretty cool i think. but our shoot was cut short so who knows what might have been.


i show this images because this is the first indication of trouble with the blue highlight on the background. i thought it was a cool effect but in retrospect it was a sigh of trouble in the black wrap was coming loose. but i didn’t notice the problem.


the boa was my addition as were the masks, people react strange under the masks as it frees them a bit. playing with boa a gives the hands something to do. but there is the pink hippy bracelet, ugh

_MG_5609 copy

odd she doesn’t look like a ‘hippy’ but then again probably an apt description of the woman. too bad we don’t have more to share. so far we will never know what her body looks like because that’s all i got before the fire.

oh well



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2 Responses to “a new year opportunity, maybe learn something”

  1. Charlie Marinaro Says:

    Sorry about the lighting hassles man. Where do you get your models from? I am trying to find someone for an idea. I think there are too many flakes out there. On another note, I liked Mark Seliger’s photos in current Vanity Fair. He has turned out to be a fine photog.

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