Trisha Brown @ BAM this week opening 1/30/13

trisha brown announced last december she is quiting dancing or actually making new dances but considering she’s created dances for 30 years that’s a pretty

good run i’d say. i was lucky to get tickets to see the company this wednesday, 1/30/13 not sure where the seats are but at least i won’t have to do any cues.

see BAM web site for more ticket information and a wonderful article in this past sunday Times by here at the Times lesure & arts sectio .

we last saw trisha’s work Astral Converted at the Park Ave Armory last fall. this was mary’s first introduction to the company and trisha’s work. we both enjoyed it and a question and answer session afterwards.

dance is such a lovely art form along with painting and sometimes photography. i think that photography is very hard for people to wrap their heads around as an art because we’ve all been so indatated with pictures, they are everywhere and of everything how can they be so special one asks.

yet how can we, each individual be unique when we are all made out of the same general material of DNA information and yet we humans are so different. trisha’s dances very physical and fluid yet playfully fun.

If one can get tickets I’d suggest taking a trip into Brooklyn and see what her work is all about. Be forewarned BAM has some off the most uncomfortable seats I’ve ever come  across. sitting for more than two hours can be painful.


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