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Geek:  Disney Shows Off Groundbreaking Animation Technique in Paperman Short


Disney has officially uploaded the animated short-film, Paperman.  Paperman introduced the feature film Wreck It Ralph in theaters, and has also been nominated for Best Animated Short Film for the 2013 Academy Awards.

I absolutely love animation, and I grew up with Disney.  With everyone using CGI (computer-generated imagery) now-a-days, animation has gone from simple drawings in motion to 3D real-life imagery, as if we were actually watching real actors on the screen.  However, with Paperman, first-time director John Kahrs wanted to recapture the roots of Disney and animation, and bring back the “expressiveness of 2D”, adding in CGI, to create a unique and touching short.

Watch the Oscar nominated short above, and also check out the link to see director, John Kahrs, discuss the drawings of Paperman.  

Happy Friday All!


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