waiting for my genius to appear

trying to keep on top of things isn’t as easy as it use to be but this old dog is still trying to learn new tricks before i pass into irrelevance. here i am  passing time waiting for my apple genius who could be my grand childs age waiting for him to fix my apple 4g pinhole camera which has changed settings on me while deep in my pocket.

yes waiting in a very noisy environment called a learning center, an oxymoron if i’ve ever heard one. how can one learn in such an active confusing place? i couldn’t do that i just come here to have a quick fix and i am out the door. but first one waits and watches, at least that’s what i do. something will come along to catch my interest.


here it is. sunlight coming thru the glass store front creating a shadow on the basement wall behind the spiral staircase. i sit on my stool waiting to be called but am drawn into this shadow world waiting to see if i can capture the precise moment of an interesting composition. some hits a few misses.


making for an interesting passing of time.  one can see the railing in the left side of frame. i am still waiting. these images remind me the silent Dracula film ‘Nosferatu the Vampire’


oh i miss a few nice ones but get a few i like. 1, 2, 3  look at me

IMG_0137the game continues

IMG_0139now i’ve moved off my stool but keep a keen ear out for my name to be called


finally my genius calls. in a brief moment shorter than it takes to describe my problem he moves his thumb and my phone is fixed. i am free to leave as the sun moves among the buildings changing shadows and opportunities.

i hope this posting finds you well  and plenty of opportunities to enjoy your life.



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One Response to “waiting for my genius to appear”

  1. maryduranteyoutt Says:

    making good use of time passing is always a good thing

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