Adam & Eve modern dancer performance & video

well sitting around watching other dancers and companies i’ve finally gotten off my ass and am trying to use all my training and put a dance together. of course using my friends whom i really enjoy being around, as the Beatle’s said ‘with a little help with my friends’ that’s the way to go.

using the money i spent at UCLA for screen writing courses and independent workshops Robert Mc Kee in Hollywood being one. if you’ve ever been in hollywood and connected to the movie industry this is the one to be at. one heck of a weekend.

what did i do with all this higher learning, wrote produced Karaoke videos in LA. i’d write the script take it to the company who would forward it back to japan wait for approval and budget, find someone to shoot it, pay for all props rentals do all the grunt work then sit in an off line video console and do a off line edit. sometimes banging my head on the table because some idiot camera person would have the seconds¬† i needed on tape, ugh. unless you’ve been there needing 5 or 10 seconds more, doesn’t sound like a long time but believe me sometimes it’s an eternity. what to do at 2 am with just a pile of tapes on the table?

enough with all this backstory so i opened my mouth with a dancer and now we are off on my Adam & Eve performance shoot. oh yes it’s just not a workshop performance but i want to do a video. how much this will all cost i’ve no idea but it should be fun or a nantucket sleighride .

but we’ve started so here we go. one of the hardest parts is finding the right people, i’ve got two of the three both of whom i’ve worked with.

Juan Michael Porter ll as Adam

Juan Michael Porter ll and Masha as Mother Earth



the third part is still open although i’ve talked with a dancer who declined. so the search is still on. posted on craigslist and model mayhem. still waiting.

but there’s a lot to do so we’ve [mary & i ] begun working on the costumes. i shot the first model fitting in my apt/studio just to begin a reference, maybe even start a kickstart opportunity. hey you never know.

Cast is simple: Mother Earth a Russian woman, Adam an African American male, Eve an Asian female. at least this is how i see it now political statement maybe but this earth is peopled by all kinds of colorful things and people. of course a wonderful dancer could change my mind.

Waiting isn’t one of my strong points but sometimes that’s all one can do. how to forge ahead well that what one has and see what develops. how to costume whom, Adam seems easy some sort of loin cloth so his personal parts don’t flop around, now Mother Earth how to portray her? i’ve an idea of making her part tree, part human, that we all come from the earth not just plopped on it.

so we began with this concept

_MG_5709now move the limb see how that works




adding headband

adding headband

now the trick is assembling the costume because of the material, no one can accuse my ideas being simple ones. now move on to another important part the music which i’ve no clue. this weeks assignment.

BTW if an Eve is out there drop me a line.

more to come




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One Response to “Adam & Eve modern dancer performance & video”

  1. Charlie Says:

    Good luck in your endeavor. You are one perseverent dude. BTW did you get to see Albert Watson exhibit in Chelsea? Wonderful portraits, b/w…a master fashion photog.

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