Continuing dance project

well every once in a while, maybe i need to rethink my projects and life sooner, maybe change this thinking thing to daily,but  i get to add new skills in my life. photography seems to be down pretty good but  now playing with both still and motion stuff.  i’d like to be able to add slideshows link on here. moving to final cut pro x soon, i’ve the free 30 day download and it’s been pretty cool.

much different than the old days of sitting with stacks of tape cassettes in front of a linear sony editing machine. but both linear or digital editing eat up hours of one’s life. well what doesn’t burn brain cells? just sitting in mobile on the couch eats them up so might well put them to good use. try to create  something beautiful which is what i am doing with this video piece.

so here is the utube ‘mother earth’ opening  sequence here in case the embedded link below doesn’t work.

along with some of the still images here

Mother Earth

Mother Earth opening sequence

mother earth mother earth mother earth mother earth mother earth

it must be that kind of a day since i can’t upload these images on my web site and this upload is a bit weird but hey at least it worked better than Photoshelter today. UGH. maybe it’s time to find another web hosting site. so when i get back to nyc and my other computer i’ll try again. i am doing the best i can is all i can say,  who among us is perfect?

this must be right because i read it in a neswpaper

this must be right because i read it in a newspaper

this adam & eve mother earth is a work in progress and being developed as i write this, this is where we are at so far. looking out my window at grey skys  waiting for another snow storm. mel torme on the cd player……….ah to have a shovel in my hands instead of a camera, that’s what i live for. at least wordpress is here for me. thank you

so this is the news of the day today.



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2 Responses to “Continuing dance project”

  1. maryduranteyoutt Says:

    It’s always good to push beyond your comfort zone. Afterall that’s how we met And its fun to work side by side on something other than restoring the cougar or putting up sheetrock.

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