Plea of support from Dance New Amsterdam

here is a plea from Dance New Amsterdam’s Martha Chapman. i’ve written & posted here about them before because i believe in them and the work and support they give to the dance community.

Hi Friends & Colleagues!
I am writing to you as a fellow-lover of arts and culture, here in New York City and everywhere! Thanks to good folks like all of you, the arts are appreciated, created, trained for, agonized about, and in general celebrated. Keep it up!

As many of you know, I teach and am on the Board at Dance New Amsterdam, where some of you know me and my classes. Our annual Spring Fundraising Drive is starting up – and I am asking if you would be willing to help us meet our funding goal of $100K this year! It’s ambitious, but we already have donors (including me) who’d pledged almost $30K, and the drive is yet to “officially” start. Let’s keep dancing!

If you can contribute yourself – great! Any and all donations are welcome – – click on “DONATE.” AND – there will be some special benefits like tickets to DNA shows for new donors once the funding drive kicks off this coming Thursday. If you’d like to receive this official eblast from DNA, send me a message and I’ll forward the eblast to you. You can sign up for eblasts yourself on the site too.

But…if times are tight and a donation is not possible for you at this time, woud you be willing to reach out to 3 of your connections, asking them to donate? “Crowd-sourcing” is a great way to introduce folks you know to a great place that makes dance and dancers.

AND – if any of you are in New York and can attend, I would love to invite you personally to a terrific event on Thursday, May 16th… DNA’s first annual “Spring Soiree,” to be held at Plein Sud – a swanky hotel down the street from our studios on Chambers St. Come raise a glass to dance and the arts… let me know and I’ll send your contact info to DNA’s offices asking them to send you an invite.

Thank for your attention and for being the fantastic, art-conscious and creative people that you are.

Blessings –
Martha Chapman


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