seems i can’t stay out of trouble

i’ve not been shooting much these days and sometimes that bothers me. to tell the truth i’ve not found something that interests me. so drawn between the two extremes of not creating or trying to create just never turns out that pleasing. sometimes the magic works but mostly it fizzles nowhere.  one never knows the quality of models posting on craigslist or model mayhem for that matter they are all professional models, or so they say. heck i’ve never said i was a fashion tog, one would never think that looking at my portfolio. maybe in some art director head my look would look good in an upcoming campaign but they won’t be looking for my vision any time soon.

i continue to look around for interesting people to work with as i did with this model contacting her. she was eager to work with me after seeing my portfolio. she set up a date and i thought why not? she had posted a couple interesting pics on her modeling page which i thought i could work. when she showed up here she didn’t bring the stuff i had requested.

i really need to discerning when it comes to my work, but i though well i can make this work. so i had her try on this outfit.

red camisole

red camisole

we took a couple of these which turned out ok. as i said i am not a big fashion photographer but i think it’s nice to have lingerie in ones portfolio. we quickly moved on to this outfit.

amy lo

then on to this

amy lo

i give my models a prop so they have something to do with their hands. hopefully it will inspire them to do something creative with it. below wearing a black scarf.

amy lohere is a multi colored cloth belt



now i move onto the last a red silk cloth which she loved how it felt, who wouldn’t?


finally winding up here.


i sent her a copy of the first image retouched a bit because she had what i’d call problem skin, lots of bumps and her answer was could i retouch her face? i said i had already done some and felt doing anymore would be dishonest. she didn’t like that oh well.

but i posted a question on model mayhem retouching forums about retouching a models portfolios for her saying i thought it dishonest. would i have considered working with her because all the facial skin issues? probably not. so i am the ogre here.

oh well

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4 Responses to “seems i can’t stay out of trouble”

  1. Charlie Marinaro Says:

    Hey Jene ~ To be honest, she looks pretty beat up. I wouldn’t have used her in the first place. People like that are trouble cause they don’t see their image. For lingerie I go to and just buy the stuff. They have real good naughty gear.

  2. Peter Le Grand Says:

    Hi Jene,
    I share your feelings on several levels. Sometimes I don’t care if I shoot with even anyone; then at other times I feel like I have given my “craft” up, so I shoot. And the models…OMG what disappointments there are walking around. It does not matter what site they come from, OMP, MM or Craig’s, all of them lie like rugs. Recently, a beauty queen from the Ukraine looking for a 20lb retouch. She was followed by a 40 yr old looking for a 22 yr old face, very similar to your experience. I had already done extensive work on her and she came back to ask for more. This was becoming a real ethics issue for me.

  3. Dan Says:

    There should have been some diffuse softer lighting on the face. I have worked with this model several times, and have never had to retouch .I fine her to be extremely beautiful and the skin not to be. Problem.

  4. fuzzypictures Says:

    hi Dan

    Thanks for your comment although i don’t agree with you, we all have the right to our own opinions. Oh well live and learn, i can always say no next time someone comes in i don’t want to work with. this being polite doesn’t work sometimes.

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