Lenses most needing repair and their cost

LensRentals Lists The Lenses Most Often Needing Repairs

Over time, your lenses are going to start back focusing, become loose with age, and possibly jamming all together. This is all part of the maintenance of things, and will eventually happen, especially if it’s a lens that gets a lot of use. However, it’s nice to know which lenses have the biggest amount of failures, and lens rental giant LensRentals has finally given us that list.

Using weeks to failure as a guide, LensRentals has composited a list of lenses that fail most often in their inventory. Perhaps it’s no surprised, but budget lens brand Rokinon heads the lineup with four lenses, their 35mm leading with a pathetic 8 weeks average to repair. Other notable mentions are the much loved Tamron 17-50mm VC, Nikon 14-24mm, and the Bigma Sigma 50-500mm OS.

Broken Lenses Study LensRentals Lists The Lenses Most Often Needing Repairs

Perhaps the most surprising results from this study shows that virtually every lens brand of the 70-200mm lens has a high rate of repairs needed. While the focal range is among the favorite for zoom lenses, it also comes with a lot of problems it seems.

Also mentioned in the article is the turnaround time. Canon has their impressive 5 day turnaround, leading the pack, with Fuji, Tamron and Sigma close behind. Nikon is behind the race, averaging around 23 days, and Olympus slowing coming in at a 40 day average.

daysrpr LensRentals Lists The Lenses Most Often Needing Repairs cost2 LensRentals Lists The Lenses Most Often Needing Repairs

Virtually every lens at LensRentals needs repair within 2 years of each other, many needing repairs annually. Is this because we’re beating up our rental gear, or that these lenses aren’t built like the tanks we claim them to be?

The highest repaired camera body last year? The Nikon D800, with an average of 65 weeks per repair.

For a full list and a further breakdown, check out LensRentals blog on the issue.

thanks to http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/

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