to russia with love……… one week and counting

I am exhausted from all this planning and it’s not even lunch hour. spent most of the morning doing uploading new images from the abandoned building shoot on to web site,  then doing the SEO info. at least i have that option with photoshelter, my web host, is it a drag to have to change web browsers because they went to html5 but it’s much better in the long run for people searching for images. speaking of which……………….

last week i sold and image from my photoshelter  web page, lesson learned, upload hi res images as i had to replace the jpg with a high res. not a big deal but that wouldn’t happen if i was out of town. i threw in some retouching because i cared i didn’t think the jpg was print quality. from one of the car shows i wander around, it’s a hood ornament from 1956 Chevrolet.

1956 Chevrolet chrome hood

no it wasn’t enough to begin to cover the cost of this new adventure of ours. RUSSIA and all that entails.  we begin in St. Petersburg for eight days then move on to Moscow for another five. we are touring the golden ring around moscow which are some old cities preserving the old way of life. we are pretty excited about the whole thing.

while is St. Petersburg we have tickets for the Hermitage museum for two days and the Kirov ballet for evening. they are performing Raymonda on our night. maybe not the most exciting ballet but a classic for sure. what better place to see classical ballet than Russia? i’ve tried to contact photographers both in Moscow and St. Petersburg that are on Model Mayhem but not heard back from any one of them. internet is expensive over there.

Oh well we did well in Japan, Hirotaka Kasuga and John McDermott in Cambodia both of whom have inspired us.. so i am sure we can find some photography galleries and see what happens.

all these things to prep, how much money to bring, what cameras, camera insurance, travel insurance what to see when. we did manage to go through a travel agent for the russian part, MIR travel agency in seattle wa. yes this is only part of the trip.

we are going through Amsterdam where we’ve rented and apt for a while. i have a friend who’s daughter is a dancer with the Dutch National Ballet who’s invited us to dinner and to see one of her performances. we also know a photographer Eduard Lampe in amsterdam who we showed around new york on his last visit.

we’ve lots of time there with a long list of things to do. also on the list is another dutch tog Vincent Rijs who has a gallery opening when we are there called ‘Behind the Mirror’ at Gallery CNCPT13. cool

so this is how it is  now that we are world travelers. i’ve tried to contact some russian photographers listed on model mayhem but so far haven’t heard a word. i am sure people around the world aren’t as obsessive about www stuff as new yorker’s constantly carrying about their phones in the palm of their hands so they don’t miss a thing.

amsterdamwe are finishing up some work in the basement,sheet rock and mud, how i hate doing that but it saves us money to spend elsewhere.

i am getting ready for a dance shoot next fri so all images need to be processed before we leave next tue. i haven’t even started to pack and mary who usually has packed a couple of times by now is in the same boat.

the day we get back oct. 10 a friend has an opening at his gallery emmanuel fremin gallery. 547 West 27 Street, suite 510, New York City, NY 10001 from 6p-10p. not sure we will be ready for that having just stepped off the plane from amsterdam.

oh well it’s only our life, something to be savored and enjoyed as is most of ours. so i am off to finish sanding the mud before mary comes home with the paint.

love you all


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