Young female model first shoot

As mary said in her NY metro blog posting about this photoshoot “Things don’t always go as planned… but it doesn’t mean that it has to turn out bad… just different” and so it was with this one.

China doll a young graphic designer discussed working with me on something creative. we began with her concept of a golden gift, something soft and warm like a woman’s body, working with a young woman who never modeled before but is a creative and expressed her interest in modeling. well isn’t that what it takes and being interested in learning? i hope i never loose that myself. i think half the process is just showing up an be willing to learn that’s most of what i do.

she is unlike so many other young wanttobe models who think it’s a glamorous life and guys tell them all the time, hey you should be a model, yea right on your way to riches and fame jump in this bed with me, well you know the rest.

it’s a lot of hard work, takes knowledge of the form, practice, practice, and more practice along with a hell of a lot of luck. many are called, few are chosen. hey what do i know i don’t deal in the world of professional photography. i am just a hobbyist or artistic hobbit, never really sure what i am.

thank goodness my early pictures were done on film which was easy to dispose of. as i recall helmut newton  had a pretty rough start. tho i am not in helmuts league nor do i think i ever will be, i am just saying.  creatively i just try to be open and go with the flow, showing my hippie roots.

oh well, on to the reason i struggle with this technology. hum a gift [naked woman] without wrapping paper, oh wait i’ve got some of this silver mylar so we begin this picture story of salome our china doll.

silver mylar with hands

but out of four tries coming out of the hershey wrapper i wasn’t able to get much i liked. it was hard for her to stand from a kneeling position.

young nude chinese woman

but i am always trying this and that but if this isn’t working why don’t i try going in closer?

young nude chinese woman

what i should have done in the beginning as the body paint was being applied by china doll  is be there supervising more, i did ask a mm make up person to join us but never heard back.

young nude chinese woman

but instead i just dropped in occasionally seeing how it was going but staying on the sidelines i never got the base i was looking for, it got out of hand.

young nude chinese woman

the model was having some difficult time finding the light and i am changing it as we go turning this on this off,  i should have articulated more what i wanted with the body paint. like what happened around her eyes below.

young nude chinese woman

 live and learn.

but below is my favorite of all the images. i don’t expect to get a lot of images out of a shoot i am happy if i get one. i think there is a softness and sensuality here as bob dylan said in the song Just like a woman ‘she breaks like a little girl’

young nude chinese woman


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2 Responses to “Young female model first shoot”

  1. Peter Le Grand Says:

    For most “amateurs” this first session would have turned into a disaster, but in your capable (film worn) hands it turns into a wonderful event, particularly the last picture. Great images, man!!
    Peter Le Grand

    • fuzzypictures Says:


      you are so kind it’s a pleasure to know you. disaster or not one of my strobes finally laid down and died that day, guess it was time. now the other is lonely and sad it’s finally time to buy new ones.

      it’s wonderful working with creatives for people learning to pose what do you do with your hands. save the best one for last, leave them wanting for more.

      you have a special way of encouraging people, a wonderful talent. happy holidays


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