Wet Plate Collodion Photography within Hand Blown Glass

Life is so amazing with all kinds of opportunities out there, here is an interesting young artist i found on Creative pro com

Some of the most interesting expressions of creativity can come from the combination of seemingly unrelated art forms. Case in point: a Kickstarter project by San Francisco artist Emma Howell, whose idea is to combine wet plate collodion ambrotypes (think: Matthew Brady Civil War era photography) and glass blowing. Here, the photographic “plates” can actually be bowls. The process and results are unique, beautiful, and just about as far from the throwaway, instant gratification of modern mobile photography as you can get.

Wet plate Collodion Photography within Hand Blown Glass

or to see the history of The Wet Collodion Plate process it self follow the link below.

since her project is fully funded now i am not sure how to be involved other than to keep track of her on the web. maybe one can still contribute to the project helping her along on the creative trail.

that’s all for today back to copying images and backing up files from our Russian trip. ugh or maybe add some images to my web site, haven’t done that in a while. the spiders are wondering jene who?



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