the difference is

today a perfect rainy day for sitting here writing  and posting my latests adventure in model land. sometimes it’s not a pretty story i guess because nobody gets rich or famous working with me, not even me. as i’ve written i seem to do this for love, actually i’ve got a need to create or i start feeling antsy.

one heck of a way to live huh? yes there is a physicality to this ‘not working’ mary makes fun of me sometimes telling her friend that ‘i was sitting in the driveway relaxing patching holes in the pavement.’ that old new england work ethic which comes into play even in my creativity. now if only i could find people to work with with the same ethic.

so today i’ll post some new pictures of two different shoots done a week apart although it seems world of difference. we will do them in order but actually the second series we had been talking about for some time before actually finding time. both of the models come from model mayhem, tiemn: 3433931 and masha 1029 : 2273038.


tiemn i found on craigslist and she looked interesting but i’ve been down that road before and should know better for me. i am not the best instructor for doing poses, working with dancers all i need is to give them a space and they perform. all i do is push the shutter button.


i do give them some idea of what i am looking for not always does it translate and i am a big experimenter but i fell back on what i knew worked. these were done with some small hot lights i have, just to make things interesting.



i told her at one point in the shoot she looked as if her ‘dog had died’ oh well. she put the image below in her portfolio.



i liked this image along with the one below that i photoshoped some background stuff to make her stand out some and give a sense of direction for the lighting.

new bkgrn 6056

the one thing i can say about her is she’s very comfortable nude. while waiting for a cd she sat on the couch nude playing with her phone. most girls get dressed right away and are ready to dash off. at first tiemn didn’t want her face shown only her body, well lets see what happens i said. i don’t think these pics will spoil her chances of getting married but might improve it. who knows?

now with masha  who’s much different, lovely portfolio, plain full body shots showing who she is along with artsy stuff. she is a painter which we talked about working in but this was our first get together and i am soooo tired of lighting.

i wanted to do a boudoir/lingerie type shoot under natural lighting using my 50mm 1.8 lens which was fine with her, so lets begin

_MG_6265 copy

i was hoping for something commercial looking, thinking maybe someone might want an old man to shoot them for valentines days picture for their boyfriend. i have a friend jack cutler who shoots awesome boudoir/erotic images. no i don’t think i’ll ever match him but it does inspire me.

_MG_6208_MG_6194red is not her natural hair color but it looks pretty cool, women are lucky that way one day red next day blond.

_MG_6385 copy

so now we started playing around using props.

_MG_6376-2 copy

 we both had a few laughs since i lost the keys to the handcuffs but she showed me how to use them without the key she has her own set, i didn’t ask.

_MG_6447 copy

this image i use now for my avatar on model mayhem which i hopes draws some clients but mostly the people who see it just want money from me, which i don’t mind if they have something of equal value to offer me. masha has a sense of humor and really didn’t have a problem doing anything i asked.

edit 6318

this image will never make farcebook but that’s not a world i live in. i want to feel the blood pounding through my veins to my heart, to feel the heat of myself getting excited. to live, to love, to be in the moment, here and now.



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One Response to “the difference is”

  1. Charles Says:

    Good luck with your models. I’m content to work with botanicals. Alaska sounded great. Ah off to the hinterlands. Fl was too quiet for us. Though much beauty. We can’t get out of hells kitchen.

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