ah what to call this post? mary and i have driven across america twice, once in 2011 for 28 days and now again in 2014 for 42 days. the idea for the trip was to see america, the national parks etc. nothing like Robert Franks The Americans. it was just something i’ve always wanted to do and since i have someone in my life willing to accompany me why not. how many dreams in our lifetime do we get to full fill?

i never posted anything about the first trip as too daunting to edit through all those boring images. the real fun of the trip was being there and sharing it with someone you love. not that mary didn’t want to leave me by the side of the road at times or i didn’t want to catch a plane/train back to New York but hey we were trapped in a very small uncomfortable space, the car.

there are iphone pictures, G12 pictures, and 5D mark ll images. just backing them up took time and the computer i brought the optical drive gave out midway trip. so this week i’ve blitzed my brain editing images, actually they are snap shots of our trip, meaning less to anybody else but ourselves. i’ll share them anyways maybe someone will enjoy them in a facebook kind of way.

i’ve decided for my sanity to mix everything up, both trips together. nobody is interested in buying my work so why should i knock myself out presenting it. i’ll put it on my web site but that’s not getting buy offers either.

we started out leaving home in nj camping when we could and motels for a rest and showers. our first trip in 2011 we camped at Shenandoah National park just in time to feel a 5.5 earthquake as we checked in at ranger station.we found a campsite along side this deer sleeping in the grass shenandoah deer

shen deerand pitched our tent. he soon got up wandering off somewhere quieter.

shenandoah camp

that night i took mary down to a clearing overlook of the valley below and she took her first pictures of the milky way. yes it’s my picture because i don’t have mary’s.

milky way

next camp was in the Smoky Mountain Nat’l park where i caught poison something or other on my arms, ugh.

green cicada_9915

the smokey mountains have pretty hiking the trails but they are old mountains not as spectacular as the rockies but interesting none the less.

Clingmans dome MG_9872

 Clingmans domeVIEW FR CLINGMANS DOME _MG_9875

and a restoration of Bales cabin showing how mountain people lived in split log cabins.

bales cabin _0510 we did manage to see the small eastern Cherokee pow wow and made friends.

friends 0597

dancerfemale dancer_0578

next day exploring the park, waterfalls etc i was crossing the Little Pigeon river when i slipped and fell in camera and all. no pictures card shorted out and camera was mush. we needed to have another camera sent to us so we then moved to Ft Smith Ar when we had to wait for the spare camera to arrive. so far Tennessee hasn’t been good to me and i am glad to be out of there. we did find the Cherokee pow wow fun and tried to connect to the western Cherokee pow wow but wouldn’t fit our schedule.

ft smith main st

main street Ft. Smith which has a long american history if one wants to look it up.

ft smith

ft smith 1


pictured above is an old church and in the basement entrance is this picture of a cross

sunset ft smth


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2 Responses to “America”

  1. Charles Marinaro Says:

    I do love your road pictures. Ruthie and I road the Blue Ridge & Smokey Mountains many years ago on our motorcycle. Lovely as could be and great for hiking. We are determined to do Rt. 66. Hi to Mary.

  2. America | Fuzzypictures's Weblog Says:

    […] art & photography opinions and opportunities of Jene Youtt « America […]

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