A New Cosplay alternative fashion magazine

A friend of mine Jason Paluck has developed a wonderful Cosplay as art magazine called Coswise. It’s available in digital and print editions via MagCloud.

January 1 (Brooklyn, NY) – CosWise, a new cosplay-as-art magazine, has released their first issue. As Brooklyn’s first photo art cosplay publication, they hope to bring the inspiring world of costuming, makeup, props, and performance art to fans around the world. CosWise will change the game by showcasing the art and creativity of cosplayers, including traditional anime, manga, and videogame cosplay. They will also feature steampunk, fantasy, sci-fi, and other original concept characters.

Bonnie-not to be fooled with.

Bonnie-not to be fooled with.

Readers of alternative or costuming magazines might be asking why CosWise won’t include articles, interviews, and how-to’s like other cosplay publications. “In looking to produce a publication of the highest quality photography, we put our energies and focus solely on the creativity and quality of the images,” says Greg Buyalos, CosWise Art Director. Cosplay, once just a burgeoning art form in the districts of Japan, has become pervasive in Western culture with the advent of fan conventions for comics and genre films. It has grown to influence popular culture, disrupting the worlds of TV, film, and publishing.

Ok drop them

Ok drop them

“There is a global disconnect with cosplayers,” says CosWise Graphic Designer Jason Paluck, aka Editing Ninja. “For example, cosplayers and their fans in America may not know about the cosplayers in Australia; those in Australia may not be aware of the cosplayers in France and so on.” In 2013, Paluck, along with partners Buyalos and Jennifer Levine cosplay-as-art magazine, started meeting to discuss ideas for what would become CosWise. “We wanted CosWise to connect cosplayers globally and help them grow their fan base.”

Robin's hood

Robin’s hood

Interested fans and cosplay newcomers can view and purchase the magazine on MagCloud at http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/853471. Available in both Digital and Print formats, CosWise is available for consumption on the iPad, as a PDF, or on MagCloud’s WebViewer using the “Read Now” function. The 54-page issue features costumes and props from popular properties such as One Piece, Final Fantasy, and The Legend of Zelda, as well as original characters.

About CosWise

CosWise is an independent cosplay-as-art magazine featuring original & inspired costumes, props and makeup. The art book magazine brings costume photography to an international audience while based in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to an open submission policy, CosWise also produces and shoots with cosplay creatives like models, designers, stylists, make-up artists and more. If you live in, or plan to visit, the NY Metro area, contact CosWise about potential collaborations on your own concept or to be part of an upcoming shoot. Visit www.coswise.com for submission guidelines, advertising and more information.


Jennifer Levine, Communications Manager



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