My Challenge to Facebook: Give Us a True Live Feed

now here is an original thought one that ate the face of the internet. I always though facebook was a dopey idea but who am I?

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Facebook has their own ideas about what we want, and what they want to give us. They feel that there is an advantage to their algorithms determining what we see, and when we see it. They offer two choices for your News Feed: Top Stories, or Most Recent. However Most Recent is not really the most recent posts, its the most popular or the most recently posted, commented, or liked posts. For some time Facebook has periodically reset your News Feed back to Top Stories, even when you consistently set it to Most Recent. And now, it appears that every time you log in Facebook is resetting your Feed to Top Stories. And Facebook doesn’t really show you all the posts from all your friends. They limit the number of posts you see from even your closest friends, and cut the number of items you see from those you interact…

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