Frustrating day searching for

For years now I’ve been searching for an adapter for my Contax Nx lenses. I’ve two Zeiss lenses a 50m Planar 1.4 and a Vario Sonnar T 28-80 both of which I really love. Most people do.

I’ve bought Fotodiox adapters from Amazon that didn’t fit the lenses but went on my Canon Eos 5D mark ll camera fine. I contacted them and they said I needed a N adapter which they no longed made or had. I searched the internet again and came up with a hit at Adorama camera and one on Ebay for a few dollars difference.

I knew i had to go down to Adorama and give this a try. We tried three adapters beginning with the supposedly Kipon Canon Len mount adapter from Contax N to Canon Eos M Body (with aperture ring). None of them worked. WTF

The salesman was quite nice and knowledgable but the first one was too young to know what I was looking for, it’s an age thing.

so i’ve repacked my lenses and camera in bubble wrap and put them away. the question is do i want to shoot film again then go through the time and hassle of scanning it into computer?

the Zeiss lens are incredibly sharp all the way through and even giving up auto focus it might improve my pictures. on the other hand guess i would have to rename this blog to something more germane.

oh well




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One Response to “Frustrating day searching for”

  1. marinaro2 Says:

    Every now and then I think of going back to film. Then I remember those darkroom days and … whoa…………I had a bunch of zeiss lens for contax RS. Damn great stuff.

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