Travels to Italy: part 1

Mary is printing up a book for each of our travels. I don’t consider myself a travel photographer for good reason looking back through my files. enclosed are a few of my images which i hope would make sense and interest to someone else, distract you for a moment or two from your daily life.

we began in venice

venice canal blue boat

venice canal blue boat

falling in love with that Venice our first moments there, except trying to find our bed and breakfast on a small small street.

commuters crossing gc 8227

Commuters crossing the Grand Canal standing  in the boats while all around them canal commercial traffic continues. This city is special the light, water, people and food add up to special.

wash in win 8589

Laundry  drying in the window along with shoes airing. a city of sights and colors.

st marks piegon 8706

it’s been so long now since returning home i’ve forgotten what is where. what’s a trip to Venice without visiting Piazza San Marco and what do you find there pigeons. this one was sitting on a rain drain of Saint Marks Basilica ready to mark one of the thousands of tourist passing beneath.

venice church candles 8208 copy

Italy is full of churches and glass. Being in Venice one has to visit the Murano glass factory on Murano island, yes we took the tour

murano workshop 8636

that exited through the gift shop, but they had a nice garden where i found this sculpture

murano glass supt 8664

I don’t tell a logical story just what catches my eye. there are lots of images i don’t share.

venice 1st resturant 8255

this is our first restaurant in Venice upon arriving that evening. we were afraid we might fall asleep at our table to either fall into our plates or the canal. we sat at the second table to the left. we make it back to our room to pass out.

venice man waiting ferry 8621

europeans dress differently when they go out just for coffee or shopping than americans. no walmarts around.

venice man 8786

but they do have character. but time to move on but where did we go next? i think we took the overnight train down to Naples. Mary’s first real overnight train ride
mary train comp 8798

that big black bag on the seat was my stupid heavy suitcase, see any wheels on it thats because there aren’t any. Mary had wheels on hers she’s smarter than me.

mary train 8792

that’s the porter in the background making expresso who delivered them to our compartment first thing in the morning. that’s how europeans travel. now we needed to fine the boat dock to Ischia our resort in the Tyrrhenian Sea. that was a memorable experience, found a trolly, found our stop, found our hydroplane boat, found our bus, and no one spoke english, they pointed we made it, the travel angels watched over us. don’t believe in angels this is Italy.

this is the fishing village & resort of Ischia

this is the fishing village & resort of Sant’Angelo di Ischia

we couldn’t afford Capri but this was just as good for my money as we traveled all over the island via bus.

walking man 8869

this is the road and sea we overlooked from our room and our bus stop which we almost missed, but there go those angles again, as we turned to look out the bus window to see sign of our hotel across the road.


More to be continued ……………………………



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