Italy part 2

well it’s so hard to remember past travels but i think when we left Ischia waiting for ferry to mainland here was an italian fisherman with helpers

iscia fishing 9130

we connected with our train back to Roma. We got hustled at the train station to upgrade our train to a super train. waiting in the ticket line we almost boarding it.

_MG cross_9521 copy

i guess this is the most famous building The Colosseum with this latter day addition of the cross.

n coloseum 9183

we walked and walked around this city discovering everything. tourist maps helped there was so much too do.

columns 9582 copy

thinking about who might have walked theses same routes.

colosuem 9590 copy

sunday park 9470

we must have seen everything and on one sunday we when to the park along with thousands romans.

family park 9449 copy

a family rental buggy of course there are plenty of cafes serving expresso not so odd in a country run on wine and expresso coffee. but here is something left over from the roman times, an original public water fountain

water fountain 8289

mary buying art from street artist

mary w artist 8350

rome pine trees 9476 copy

sunset, time to go back to hotel figure out what’s for dinner.

remember this 9587

this restaurant overlooks the Colosseum where mary wanted to go on her first trip but never made it, so what’s the question?

_Mary cafe _9347 copy

what ever keeps her happy is fine with me. but time to move on to Florence via train.

florence 0164

florence 0167

florence 0161

a naked penis in public, no wonder their civilization didn’t last or did it

florence tower 0255 copy

but people live here jousted by tourists but that’s, life. getting to work is a snap

flor woman on bike lovers0390

if you own one of these.

mary arno riv 0404

Arno river

florence shop owners 0398

shop owners giving tourist the once over

arno river sunset 0569

another sunset over the Arno

florence merrygo 0149 copy

here’s a happy boy found on a carousel it’s the simple things in life.

but to complicate our lives we decided to rent a car to tour Tuscany. car rental a quick walk from train station. our adventure begins in Puccinni home town. Lucca.

luca wall 9658

oh did i mention it’s autumn in tuscany italy. Here is the original wall that surrounds the city.

our small hotel fit right inside the wall even provided parking inside this alley

luca street mime9790

we arrived so late and so hungry we explored using our trusty Lonely Planet guide. Passing a church we heard arias Puccinni’s of course eliminating from inside and had to sit down until hunger drove us onward.

luca door knocker 9781

lucca door knocker 9785

well used door knockers the food in tuscany was knockout small towns small restaurants served fabulous food there was a pizza shop located in an alley that served a steak platter to die for. wow

lucca church 9691








oh did i mention churches yes there are plenty churches in italy some quite outstanding  as this one is. i don’t know why but i’ve hit a snag in wordpress changing writing formats so i’ll post this section and finish up in a couple of days.




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One Response to “Italy part 2”

  1. Charlie Marinaro Says:

    my dear old italy. i have cousins in sicily near palermo. haven’t made it there yet.

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