Finishing Italy up before another

number rolls around the calendar. that was a good idea too bad i didn’t make it but today I am sick with a cold that’s gone on for weeks. i am on meds so feel pretty good now except for a slight headache. leaving Lucca our next stop was Pistoia another of the walled cities that fought with each other. a part of the roman aqueduct system scattered through out Italy

auqudect  terminal 9903 copy

here we find another merry-go-round

pistola boy merry 0117

and another happy kid. after all this time to tell the truth i don’t remember much about the city except this is where the pistol was invented.

pistola 0086

this is part of the old city fort within the expanded modern city around it.

pistola 0091 copy

i was drawn to this pond  of dying plants thought it looked nice.

pistola park 0073 copy

pistola 0030

of course they have few churches and a special bazaar on saturdays in the town square.

pistola sq 0050 copy

like all bazaars it’s full of junk, Italian junk but the most interesting things were the people

pistola flea 0130 copy

sweet Nonna’s bargaining

pistola woman 0126 copy

haggard merchants

pistola man 0128 copy


and this kid

pistola boy0127 copy

and dapper businessmen on his cell phone
pistola man 0032

there are plenty of stores and one interesting museum devoted to a native son sculptor Marino Marini. we were blown away by his work and discovered another branch in florence. he worked a lot with horses and it’s one of the wonderful things about traveling. how cool is that. see Marino Marini Foundation for locations.

glass globe reflection 8187

driving around Italy in the autumn is sweet.

tuskney autum trees 9986

always something to discover an old building here or there.

tusk farm house0003 copy

due to the craziness of the world and religions we were planning to take our middle granddaughter and her sister to europe this summer. we planned Paris but that’s out for security reasons and Greece due to refugees so that leaves Italy unless something happens there.

yel curstamun 0012 copy

Italy isn’t a bad place to be especially if you’re hungry.



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