I shoot them as they come to me

I don’t know what it is about people when i reach out to them but they always surprise me. ya you never really know what will walk in the door, they could be better than hoped for or have put on ten or twenty pounds. is it me needing to be more decerning ?  i am not desperate to create art. sometimes i even doubt the art part. sometimes the magic works and something it doesn’t ya just go on to the the next one, and you don’t know that about one either.

so i  begin with the first model whom i had high hopes for. i loved a couple pictures in her port done 9 months ago. different photographer with different eye shooting different pictures.

where to begin, everything has a beginning


i tried to use this large satin material and these pink leather cuffs but most of the pictures wound up on the editing floor.


i was looking for something very romantic but there isn’t anything remotely romantic here. my direction, could be ?  models perception who knows? the first mistake was how the satin was arranged a big mistake here. i tried just didn’t hit a winner here,  time to move on and learn not to do that again.


the model was willing to try this or that and since i don’t know what i am doing then how do i know if i succeed? i did learn something i never knew or asked about. what are those bumps around her areola see this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Areolar_glands for an explanation.


just keep trying like Edison with the light bulb. i think she was getting the proper attitude i like her pride here


or at least trying her willingness great but good pictures are in the details


here she couldn’t get nipple lassos on straight. think i need a female stylist. touching naked strangers isn’t proper photographic etiquette….. i just hate struggles  ugh


so we changed ropes


which she liked because she posted these on her site.


but i still didn’t have what i wanted so quickly before time ran out i tried this ankle restraint.

shoes 0211

none,not quite there too much ps way over exposed but going in right direction

shoes 0223

so here with a simple black card leaned against the record cabinet i got this, yes some levels adjustments but testing my i statement ‘i only need one or two good images from a shoot’ here it is. the title is ‘going someplace?’







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One Response to “I shoot them as they come to me”

  1. Charles Marinaro Says:

    Jean ~ You are a stronger man than I to try anything in the name of your photography.

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