Dancing, it’s been long, long time

since i’ve had a chance to visit here. I’ve been involved learning IDesign and how to publish a fine Art magazine called Peau magazine, landscape of skin. So far we’ve managed to get out two issues with some great photographers and artist.

The first issue link here and the second issue here  I surprised myself by the quality of artist and photographers I was able to find. Some like Jack Cutler and Michael McGowan I’ve know for years but the new people are amazing in their own right. Rickard Unge in Stockholm Sweden works with male dancers while Jeffery Fletcher works with film and pond water.

The next issue I have a pinhole photographer. Some really amazing stuff.

I met a young Japanese female dancer whom I liked because of her model mayhem portfolio named Humeuchi. She invited us to a performance she was doing in Madison  park which was interesting and we talked afterward.

We arranged a quick shoot in my studio just to meet and learn about each other. She surprised me by having real Japanese Kimonos. I like to work with cloth and dancers, they just seem to go together. We looked over all the different clothes and she picked an old torn rag we had designed for another dance. WTF?


I told her the story play was a play on Adam & Eve and Mother Earth which I believe more than some other creation stories. Once there is a woman, or was she a tree, alone in the world and one day she imagined having something interesting to watch. So she created Adam and what a mess that has caused.


She had limbs of a tree and breast of a woman to nourish.


This was Humeuchi  choice of costumes too begin with although in her email she said she wanted to do nudes which surprised me but in these she had a bra and panties. But she had brought some wonderful Kimono’s I was dying to shoot.


Dancers have a natural line about their bodies and this stunning red fabric, you had to be there to really appreciate it’s intenesy, along with her poses make my day easy. Push click wham.

Working with Humeuchi made me slow down as her movements were very slow and precise. I know a guy with a camera who shoots thousands of pictures during a shoot hoping to get something. Yes he does but you fall asleep or eyes glaze over before you get to see them in edit.


The wonderful thing Humeuchi brought to this shoot was her culture, clothing and finally trust. All I had was some old strobe lighting, space with backdrop and an old camera. Of course I am pretty old myself.




This Kimono was absolutely lovely. I remember Mary and I wandering around Tokyo looking in shop windows and department stores looking for gifts to bring back home with us. These were out of our price range but how special they must make you feel.


Below is my favorite of the shoot but Humeuchi picked a whole different outfit and pose.


This white dress below is actually a night grown and she wanted to play with a mask, people can be so different under masks. I had showed her one of the ones I had brought back from Venice Italy but this is one she picked.


As you can see she is getting more comfortable in the shoot and I am changing the lighting every few shots.


And she is changing masks. I am not fond of what this light is doing to her body casting ugly shadows But when she disrobed and we started doing nudes I was so unhappy I won’t show them. Was it because I was tired? Don’t know but I felt like such a jerk. So I’ll end this post with one last one.


Good night all and sweet dreams.


One Response to “Dancing, it’s been long, long time”

  1. Charlie Says:

    Jene…I always get a kick out of your travails with your shoots. It seems the pickings are slim for a model.

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