A lost adventure or moving on.

I’ve not been shooting much these days for various reasons, one having to do with lack of creative ideas, the other is my health. I just struggle some days to just get out bed, pain is exhausting. Then there the daily news feed about our glorious leader who because of his horrendous acts against humanity the press has to print his every outrageous word. The man is a con artist leading his family of crooks across our precious land raping and pillaging leaving only piles of burnt money .

But I digress from what I wanted to say today. My wife was using the house to update a friends portfolio. I do have a system off separating my used card in stacks then I edit out the bad ones and put the cards in a plastic bag so I have some idea what to reformat and use again.

Mary picked up a disk and saw that there were images on it and asked me about. I realized what with every thing else going on I hadn’t gone through this stack. I gave her an empty one from the plastic bag.

This young woman asked me to shoot some Shibari images of her. I saw she had some Yogi pictures in her portfolio so I’ve wanted some of that in my portfolio and said yes. She arrived and had this beautiful energy open to about anything. I turned on some lights and off we go


She found a T shirt in my closet and brought it too me and I said why don’t we cut it up with a razor. Yes. I always like to give people a prop and some directions if need be which helps relax them so this is a start.


We shot a few images with this T shirt but the best of the lot is the first one here I think


We also found this satin outfit and some cord rummaging around and Raylinn put this on which I think turned out lovely


Some details of the outfit.


She kept inventing ideas off this camisole and silver cord.


Then she pulled the camisole down. Most of these images are her posing without too much direction.


Raylinn seems to be a natural model, at least for this genre and very flexible


The lighting was all wrong for the Yogi shoot so I moved the couch in front of the black paper while she played with a hank of hemp.


Kiss ‘keep it simple’ one light coming from the left and she played with it


better than some models I’ve shot with. What makes a professional model professional?


All I had to do was pull the trigger and a bit of editing here and there


she knew where her audience was


This turned out to be a lot of fun


She had to run, probably to another shoot so we never got to see any images together


but we made another date to shoot some more and show and go thru her images. After all this creation was partly hers, as I said all I did was turn on the lights and press the  thingamajig on the camera.

I had to cancel that shoot but we texted each other saying yes she wanted to work again but I never heard from her again. One of her Model Mayhem portfolios disappeared in a puff of smoke. I again texted her asking if she was alright again but no answer.

Some things disappear vanish into thin air. A mystery leaving behind a few pixels as proof, proof of what? Are these moments reality I am never sure. I had forgotten about these images but now they are here.

What I found out later is she’s decided to go in and entirely different direction trying Fashion instead of art nudes. That’s fine with me but she could have said that to me. Then I would have understood, it’s no skin off my nose.

She does have two Model Mayhem sites https://www.modelmayhem.com/4216678 for art/nude and another for fashion https://www.modelmayhem.com/Reylynn

We all have to eat and we can choose whom to sit with.


3 Responses to “A lost adventure or moving on.”

  1. Charles Marinaro Says:

    Ah Jene…another good story of shoots. This was especially fine. I hate to hear of your physical dilemma. What is the problem? Or is it just age as we all know. I just turned 77 and I see the clock. But I am feeling very well and still running. Though not as much shooting either. I do believe there are too many photos out there. I am sticking with still lifes these days. Take care my friend. Charlie

  2. Peter Le Grand Says:

    Hi Jene,
    It was a delight to read your adventures with a new model. You have not lost your touch in any way, shape or form. Great lighting! Some girls come back time and again and that makes it much easier. But others move on quickly and there is no predicting which direction they will go. I see that Musecube is trying to get started again.
    Hope that the health problems will go away. Best, Peter

    • fuzzypictures Says:

      Thank you peter, it’s my pleasure to have met you as you’ve always set a fine example with your photography and comments.
      I’ve not been well for awhile as it seems my body is breaking down so I am not shooting much, shaky camera. Lack of creativity or interest but Mary has developed an interest in underwater photography and has even published a Blurb book “Just add water” http://www.blurb.com/b/8769338-just-add-water which I think turned out lovely. Sometimes she puts up a fight almost giving up at the problems that arise but I encourage her.
      It’s so nice to hear from you. We hope you are aging well and life is treating well as it should be.
      love jene

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